The Small Stuff

I don’t understand why, but sometimes the littlest shit just gets under my skin like you wouldn’t believe.

About a month ago, I was assigned to my current line, both to learn how to run it, and to take over the weekly maintenance. The weekly maintenance is something that only I do, because the line is in operation constantly except during my work hours.

When I am given exclusive ownership of a task, I tend to get very possessive of it. I do my job with pride, and after cleaning up behind the last bunch of incompetents that were supposed to be doing it, I do my best to keep things as clean and organized as the circumstances will allow. I don’t take it very well when someone fucks up my area.

This past Thursday through Sunday, semiannual maintenance and some upgrades were done on my line. The upgrades required that certain tanks be empty, which meant that some of the chemical baths be remade ahead of schedule. This is a normal occurrence, and is not a problem.

The problem is that one of the three laziest fucks that we have on staff grabbed the following week’s maintenance sheet and signed off on the remakes for three of the baths that I had actually remade only hours earlier. In fairness, he did make up one. The one that is nothing but a couple hundred gallons of water and four and a half pounds of a powdered chemical. Had he bothered to check the current week’s maintenance sheet, he would have seen that I had already signed it off for the same date that he put on the wrong sheet.

He also signed off remakes for two other baths that are a little bit more difficult to do: ~1000 gallons of water in each, wait for the temperature to reach setpoint, then add 350 pounds of powdered chemicals each, that must be carried by hand up onto a catwalk, in five gallon buckets, thirty pounds at a time, while wearing a full face respirator and chemical-resistant smock. Which he didn’t and wouldn’t do.

Strangely, I don’t know which bothers me the most – that he wasted the time and four pounds of chemical duplicating my work, or that he tried to claim my work as his own. Neither one is a particularly big deal, but I am annoyed as hell right now. Maybe I just need a Midol.

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2 Responses to The Small Stuff

  1. Glenfilthie says:


    I am having a similar day where if Murphy doesn’t fuck it up, and Darwin doesn’t fuck it up, my own people will. AND….if it somehow gets past THEM…I will fuck it up myself!!!

    Ye GODS. I am ready to start guzzling scotch through a straw or preferably a garden hose. I need a holiday…

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