Bitter Bitch

I know I’ve been whining a lot lately. Here comes more.

A coworker overheard a half-joking, half-serious comment that I made to the boss earlier this week about being considered for a wage progression. It didn’t take long for the news that I was bucking for a promotion to spread through the department.

A few moments ago, when I went to relieve one of my peers so she could take her break, before I could even say hello, she felt the need to say the following to me:

FYI, you don’t know this line but about 50%. You don’t know how to run it when things aren’t going right. If your name isn’t regularly on here (points at the daily and weekly maintenance log sheets) you don’t know jack.

I never claimed expertise on that line, just enough proficiency to be able to start and run it, do the chemical adds and tank maintenance, and the ability to recover from the most common faults and errors.

Although she seems to have forgotten, my name was on those log sheets almost daily for over a month – until I was reassigned elsewhere. Those functions are performed at specific times, and I am otherwise occupied at those times now. That doesn’t mean that I can no longer perform those duties.

The line is large and quite complex. To fully understand the most efficient way to recover from any particular error is to actually do it. However, the line is reliable and one could spend months running it without seeing it lose its mind and do weird shit. As a result, operators learn the basics, and then do our best to get it back in line when it fucks up. I know these basics. Despite what she might think, I don’t need to see and know everything before I can claim enough proficiency for it to count as one of the three lines that I must know how to run in order to qualify for the progression.

She is a cantankerous old cunt, unhappy because she was deemed unqualified for a technician position, despite supposedly holding it during a previous stint with FaucetCompany. She claims that it is because she has tits, and maybe she is right. Even if it is, that is no reason to denigrate my abilities, just because I happen to possess a penis.

Source considered, and the appropriate value assigned to her evaluation. It still pisses me of, though.

EDIT: At the end of my shift, the guy who is training/monitoring me on the line that I’ve been learning for the past month also came up with an unsolicited comment.  Unlike BB, he asked if I had hit up the boss for the progression yet.  He is familiar with my skill levels on all three lines, and said that I am currently more qualified than the last guy was when he got the same bump that I am up for.

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6 Responses to Bitter Bitch

  1. If it makes you feel better, those creatures infest every walk of life. I have colleagues cornering me to tell me in the most condescending way possible that they think I’m a terrible teacher because my students learn what they need to do to write well (and end up writing better than my colleagues’ students), but I don’t do this thing that they think I’m supposed to do, so I’m not really qualified to teach.

    I usually end up shrugging it off even while it’s happening, and laughing at the juvenile nature of the encounter when I get out of earshot. It’s happened too often for me to do anything else.

    (That said, I do constantly ask for feedback from my students, and I do work on improving the way I present info from semester to semester.)

    • alaskan454 says:

      I should have expected it. She constantly talks shit about everyone, and most in the department are “fucking useless” including both the current and previous supervisors. In fairness, I concur with her assessment in a majority of cases. Naïve me, I thought that by lending a sympathetic ear and actually doing my job, I would escape her criticism. Wrong! Not only do I suck, but I suck so thoroughly that she felt the need to tell me to my face. And people wonder why I hate pretty much everyone.

  2. Jin Chiang says:

    My lady friend points out that you are actually a consummate gentleman in real life. People, good and bad, tend to gravitate towards you because of your good heart.

    You are an aficionado of fountain pens. You also have the diplomatic skills for being an open carry ambassador. Furthermore, I would have swung the gauntlet of indifference, but you’ve extended the hand of friendship to pink panties guy.

    I’m envisioning a light refreshing meal of cucumber sandwiches and tea at the range if I ever visit you. Note to self… Get a cane and monocle.

  3. Jin Chiang says:

    Her assessment is genuine. I’m going to agree with her. Your actions betray you.

    For instance, what would happen if you answered the door and wifey was standing there with tears streaming down her face? I’m going out on a limb and saying your shields would drop down to 32% So you have a civilized demeanor in person by expending the grumpiness here.

    Her appraisal of me isn’t quite as sterling. Apparently, I’m the polar opposite of you. Considerate in writing, but an utter Neanderthal in person.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Please thank her for her kind words, although I think she may be misjudging me.

      Despite what she may say about you, she likes you well enough to still allow you in her life, so that’s something. 🙂

      As for the Wifey question, well, I imagine the shield percentage would be even lower than you estimate.

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