Bastard Fuckers

After an aborted attempt in January due to bitterly cold weather, I set up a range date with Shooting Buddy early last month for 22 March.  It was pretty much a sure thing, since I had been approved for vacation for Monday, 24 March, and they have to give you the adjacent weekend off if you have vacation on Monday or Friday.

I based my vacation request on the preliminary fiscal calendar (which came out late, by the way) that shows scheduled maintenance events during which no vacation is allowed.  However, at some point between then and when the “final” fiscal calendar was approved a month later, one of said maintenance events was rescheduled from 15-16 March to 22-23 March.  This meant that, while I could still take vacation on 24 March, I would not be allowed to take the preceding weekend off due to the preventative maintenance scheduled during that time.

I noticed the discrepancy this past Monday, the same day that BossMan realized it.  I was instructed to work the weekend, and offered the option to cancel my vacation request.  I contacted SB, and he said that he had no schedule conflicts for 5 April, which was the next available option to me.  So, recoil therapy was delayed yet again.

I don’t know how the fucking dipshits at FaucetCompany keep the plant running.  They can’t manage to put together even a preliminary fiscal calendar until almost a month into the year, and then it takes them another month to finalize it.  They tweak the production numbers on the fly, forcing extreme amounts of overtime.  They could easily come up with alternative shifts/schedules that would maintain the necessary production levels, without the massive overtime costs and associated loss of work/life balance.  You know, that thing that they pay so much lip service to, but wouldn’t actually recognize if it bit them in the ass.

You see, the dumbass fucktard planners still only work 0800-1700, Monday through Friday. It means nothing to them to set goals that require 24/7 operation from a staff designed for 16/5 at best.  What the fuck do they care?  They don’t miss a single fucking minute of time away from their precious personal lives.  Even so, they can’t manage to come up with a plan enough in advance to be able to tell us poor bastards on the front lines whether we have to work the weekend or not until Thursday fucking afternoon of the week in question.  And overtime is never optional.  So we get no life.  We can’t make weekend plans, because more often than not, we have to cancel them because work is our fucking life.

I know that production orders vary, and they are trying to run lean.  It is a competitive business.  They don’t want excess inventory laying around, so they try to execute the “just-in-time” idea as close to the line as possible.

This works out to me having had four days off so far this year, not including vacation (three days) or weather-related work stoppages (two days). Four fucking days, out of sixty-five calendar days – and none of them consecutive.  Yet somehow, our assembly location a couple towns over, where ninety percent of the parts that we produce go for final assembly, hasn’t ran a single Sunday shift in almost two years.

Damn incompetent asswipes!  I am thankful that I have a job better than BigBoxRetailer, but I am convinced that they could run just as profitably with a shitload less negative impact on employees’ personal lives, if they would just pull their collective heads out of their asses and get a fucking clue.  Forcing the planners work the same number of hours as the average hourly employee would work, too.

I really, really need some recoil therapy.

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8 Responses to Bastard Fuckers

  1. Glenfilthie says:

    Been there and done that GB. Multiple times. It creates a poisonous work atmosphere that has to be seen to be believed. I watched a stressed, burnt out employee go after a manager with a cordless drill once. When I found myself laughing as the idiot manager was being punctured – multiple times – I knew it was time to quit. My last two weeks were awesome: I cam in at 8:00 sharp (no earlier) and left tat 4:30 (no later). When the crap hit the fan and the managers flipped out I breezily informed them it was not my problem. The tastiest treat was when they asked me to reconsider on my final day. When I refused they asked me if I could stay another two weeks. When I refused again – I was informed that I was too unprofessional to work for the company! Music to my ears!
    A guy’s gotta live, Bastard, you only go round once and you don’t want to piss away your limited time with abusive fucktards. Life’s too short!

    • alaskan454 says:

      Thanks for the comment and the empathy. I can imagine laughing my ass off at the sight of a few of these fuckers around here getting “punctured”. It is annoying as hell, but I’m not at the toxic point. Yet.

  2. LarryC says:

    You and me both. I have new toys to play with dammit!

  3. And I have to try different ammo, and a different magazine out in one of mine before I write it off as non-functional, and send it back to the factory for repair.

    (BTW…are you up for beta-reading Pendragon Resurgent?)

    • alaskan454 says:

      Uh, did the first part of your comment get lost, or am I slow tonight? EDIT: I figured it out. Been a bad night. Sorry. /edit

      As for Resurgent, absolutely! It has been all I could do not to annoy the shit out of you to hurry up and finish it. I figured if I did that, though, you wouldn’t let me beta-read it, just to pay me back. 🙂

      • TinCan Assassin, who has just moved to my town (five blocks from me, even), has been gently nagging. A mention of it here, and begging for it there.

        That isn’t what’s caused the slowdown. My own paranoia and a work environment where I don’t control the entrance and exit to my work area are what’s really slowing it down, right now.

      • alaskan454 says:

        I understand, it is just that I am impatient to find out what happens next. I thoroughly enjoy your Modern Gods adventures, and I’m looking forward to more. But if I am completely honest, I thought Pendragon was better.

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