Honest People

As time goes by, I become more and more convinced that the number of people on the planet who are at least nominally honest and keep their word even half of the time is very small.

In just the last two years, I have had a guy I thought I knew and could trust stiff me $500 on a motorcycle/pistol deal. And a guy do a shit job on my roof and windows, refuse to clean up after himself, and refuse to fix the leaks caused by his shitty workmanship. Also, a tree guy, who would have gotten $10K from me to clear 80% of my lot, is not going to get any of my business. Why? Because he offered to return within a week to cut a single limb that overhangs my neighbor’s property, but never did.

Now, after missing five appointments, my drywall dude is no longer even responding to my attempts to contact him. Actually, it is Drywall Dude’s former business partner. DD himself has moved out of state, but assured me that said partner would fulfill the terms of our contract.

I could sue and easily get a ruling in my favor on any of the above situations (except the tree guy), but I would still have to collect. The headache of the process, the time I would miss from work for court appearances, the court costs, and the uncertainty that I would ever collect a dime from any of these jackasses has convinced me to forego that avenue.

People suck, and most of them continue to draw breath only because it is against the law to kill them.

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