Last month, DN and I patronized the local Chick-Fil-A. It was my first time in well over a decade. I was impressed. Yes, it is really me. Nobody hijacked my blog. I was truly impressed.

The service was great, and the attitude of the staff was unbelievably pleasant for minimum-wage employees. The prices were in line with other fast food joints in the area. But the food itself was what surprised me the most.

I ordered the spicy chicken sandwich in the deluxe format, which adds lettuce and tomato. It was delightfully spicy. I could actually discern some heat on it. This is unusual. Most mass market “spicy” choices are more flavorful than their normal counterparts, but I am seldom able to detect any real heat.

This sandwich has some heat on it. Nothing like a habanero dip infused with ghost pepper – something that I just made up but would probably enjoy – but pleasantly warm.

Way to go, Chick-fil-a! I will be back, and it won’t take a decade this time.

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