Last week, Stephen posted about some jackass who gave his word, but couldn’t be bothered to keep it.  I’ve had occasion to experience similar deficiencies of character, and couldn’t agree more.  However, part of the story got me to thinking.

Yes, I am well aware that such things can be dangerous.

The subject matter of the renege was a Ruger Super Redhawk chambered in .454 Casull/.45 Colt. Below is a quote from the post:

This handgun, and trust me, its a fist full of manly boom-boom, isn’t your everyday target pistol. Its primary purpose is hunting. Alaskans holster them for Grizzly protection. It isn’t designed for normal tuck ’em under the shirt self-defense. When this baby is filled with the .454 Casull, her recoil will hurt the novice and make liberals in surrounding counties faint. She’s a California democrat’s worst nightmare. Now ease a few .45 Colt’s down her gullet and she’ll purr like a kitten. (The recoil is greatly reduced. Or, as a Fudd would say, “It don’t kick so hard.”)

I have to agree with Stephen’s evaluation, and congratulate him on his wordsmithing.  “… make liberals in surrounding counties faint. She’s a California democrat’s worst nightmare.” That’s good stuff right there.

I wanted to get offended at the part where he said, “It isn’t designed for normal tuck ’em under the shirt self-defense.”, but I can’t.  He’s right.  It isn’t designed for it.   It’s just that certain dumbasses special people will do it anyway. Not the long-barrel version that was the subject of his post, but the 2.5″ barrel version of the same gun, in the same caliber, known as the Alaskan.

Honestly, I don’t find my .454 Alaskan all that punishing to shoot.  I typically run 75-100 rounds through her during each range trip in which she is chosen to participate.  I load my reloads as close to my carry ammo as possible.  I am in no pain afterwards.  I have shot exactly two .45 Colt rounds through it.  I had a security thing for a private group back several years ago, and they wouldn’t let me carry it with .454 ammo.  So, I bought a twenty round box of Winchester Silvertips, fired two to verify POI, then loaded the remaining eighteen rounds into the cylinder and two speed loaders.  The recoil of those rounds fired through a forty-four ounce revolver was barely noticeable.  After the gig, I gave the ammo to an acquaintance.

For the record, I have shot two guns with recoil that was much more painful than the Alaskan with full power .454 ammo.  I have so specify “full power” because like 10mm, most ammunition manufacturers will not load it beyond 75-80%.  One was an ultra lightweight .44 Magnum, and the other was a scandium .357 Magnum.  Both of those truly hurt to shoot.  The .357 drew blood on the first cylinder, every time, no matter how I held it. Sure, I could have made both more pleasant by shooting specials, but I don’t play that game.  Go big, or go home.

I was trying to make a point with this post, but I forget what it was.  Sorry!

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3 Responses to Stephen

  1. lpcard says:

    I think you summed it up when you told me “I only want to have to shoot it once…and I’ll try real hard not to kill the guy so I can beat him to death with it for making me shoot it.”

  2. hilljohnny says:

    even if you couldn’t remember where you were going you still managed interesting and informative. and two out of three ain’t bad 🙂

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