I would like to thank DN for the very tasty spaghetti that she packed for my lunch today. I thoroughly enjoyed it. There was one small negative aspect, however.

To heat it up, I had to go to the break room. Where they blast CNN (spit!) constantly. I leave my earplugs in and do my best to ignore it whenever I can’t avoid the break room altogether. A few moments ago, all such attempts failed.

Piers Dumbass Extraordinaire Morgan was on, and talking about guns. He had a congresscritter on who has proposed something he calls the Piers Morgan Act. This was the first I had heard about it, and I don’t give enough of a fuck to look up the details.

During the “conversation” the well regulated part of the Second Amendment came up. Congresscritter played into Piers’ hand by not reminding him the definition of “regulated”, but instead asked if Piers believed that it was OK for militia members to have military-style weapons. Whatever the fuck that means this week.

Stop right there. It makes exactly zero fucking difference what Piers or anybody else thinks on the subject. It is a God-given right, enumerated in the damn Constitution, and it wouldn’t matter if the entire population hated the idea and disagreed.

Of course, Piers wouldn’t answer the question. He said that, of course, police and military should have weapons.

Hold in another fucking minute. Precisely who the fuck do you think make up the military and various police agencies? Human fucking beings. Most of whom, combat servicemembers excepted, have less training and trigger time on average than most gun range attendees. The uniform is not magic. The job title does not immediately transform one into a super-human.

Then Piers trotted out a clip of a Sandy Hook parent. If only … high capacity magazine …

I am truly sorry for your loss. But the fact remains that evil people exist in this world. The worthless piece of dogshit who murdered your child had already broken many laws before he pulled the trigger the time that changed your life forever. Any number of additional laws, rules or restrictions would not have changed the outcome. So stop helping the assholes take my guns, when neither I nor my guns have ever hurt or killed anyone else.

And Piers: Go fuck yourself.

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5 Responses to Piers

  1. Glad you liked the spaghetti, but sorry that to heat it up you had to be subjected to the BS in the break room. You already know we are in complete agreement where that stuff is concerned. Evil does not obey the law, so all the laws in the world aren’t going to stop evil from being committed. People are stupid, unfortunately. xoxo

  2. Larry says:

    1) The Piers Morgan Act is a bill introduced in Oklahoma for Constitutional Carry within that state.

    2) US vs Miller upheld the INDIVIDUAL right to keep and bear MILITARY style weapons, the question was if a sawed off shotgun met the definition of MILITARY style weapon. Trot that one out to your local gun hater whenever he starts talking about the second amendment and watch his head explode.

    3) The day I need some poncy Brit halfwit fuckstick to tell me what my rights as an American should or should not be is the day someone should put me out of my misery.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Constitutional Carry in OK, huh? That’d be cool. Even better if we could get it here. I’d settle for parking lot carry this year, though.

      Tell us what you really think about Piers. 😀

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