I Love My Boss

I ended up with a new boss about six months ago. Considering the awesome guy (not!) that he replaced, hopes were high. In some ways, he is a significant improvement. In other ways, not so much.

A family member in having surgery next Monday. It is minor, but requires her to have someone drive her home afterwards. She scheduled it back in October. At the same time, I told my boss that I needed the day off.

He never officially approved the request. I followed up with him several times, including as recently as yesterday morning. It shouldn’t be an issue (which is not the same thing as request approved) was the best I could get out of him.

Finally, last night he told me verbally that I was good to go for the day off. I hope he remembers telling me that when he inputs my time next week. I have no reason to think that he won’t, but I have nothing in writing, and my paranoia has been acting up lately.

In other news, he told one of our machine operators flat out that she was not qualified for a technician position. Despite the fact that she successfully held the position a few years back, during her first stint with FaucetCompany. And he was unable to enumerate the necessary qualifications, when asked. She tests for a job elsewhere tomorrow morning, and if she does well, she is gone. Probably without notice.

We only have one person who is even remotely competent (and barely that) on the machine she runs who is not already permanently assigned to it. Guess who that is.

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4 Responses to I Love My Boss

  1. hilljohnny says:

    Grump; this is why pocket recorders are made. if they wont put it in writing, record them.

    • alaskan454 says:

      That is a good idea, and I actually own one. Plus I think my phone has a recorder app. Any idea how well they work in high noise environments? The factory runs around 90 decibels, and requires ear plugs. We yell to be heard, but I wonder how well a recorder would pick that up over the background noise.

  2. Larry says:

    See what happens when you make yourself valuable? 😀

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