Tuesday was one of those days.

It started towards the end of the work shift that started Monday night. One of my additional responsibilities is to top off the tanks and ramp the temperatures up around 0300 on a line that starts up at 0500. What I don’t do is make the chemical adds. At least not on nights when I have a full queue of my regular work.

When I went to do my thing Tuesday morning, I noticed that the adds had not been signed off. I thought it odd, since the add sheet was posted at 2130. This gives the second shift operator plenty of time to complete the task without having to stay late. I chose to ignore it, since it is not one of my enumerated responsibilities.  Also, I still a lunch and a break to provide relief for. Plus over two hours of my usual work left to do. And I was already at eight hours for the night.

A little after 0500, the startup operator for that line came over to my line to ask about the adds. He was not at all confrontational, but simply wanted to know if perhaps I had made the adds but forgot to sign them off. I answered his questions, and he went off to notify the powers that be of a pending late start. Shortly thereafter, I saw him wheeling chemical drums in the direction of that line.

I expected to catch hell about it, since preparing that line for startup is part of my job, despite the fact that I have only ever made the adds on weekends when my line was not running at 100%. A few questions were asked, but no ass chewing. Yet.

I finally clocked out at 0630. Only eleven hours. My dentist appointment was an hour’s drive time away, but not until 1000, so I went grocery shopping before leaving town. That went smoothly, as did the drive to FormerHometown.

The bank where I have my business accounts was recently acquired by Bank of North Carolina. The transition was painful and problematic. They also closed some branches in the process, including the one closest to me. Two of the accounts had been seldom used in recent years, and I decided to close them on the way to get my teeth scraped.

I pulled up to the front door of the branch about 0840. I immediately observed a sign in the window to the right of the door. I would have taken a picture, but it was raining. The sign read Please remove the following before entering the branch and below the text were depictions of a hat, sunglasses, a hooded sweatshirt or jacket, a baseball cap, and, of course, on the top row, a revolver and what appeared to be a fixed-blade knife.

Since I was carrying a semi-auto and a folding knife, I entered at 0900 without hesitation or guilt.

The branch manager herself performed the account closures. She was pleasant and competent, but her speech an mannerisms couldn’t have been more stereotypically dumb blonde. I casually mentioned the sign near the door, and she agreed with my assessment that the only people who would comply would be those who would not cause problems. I don’t know if she truly agreed, or if she was just being polite. In any case, I will be sending a letter to the corporate office shortly.

After my business at the bank was concluded, I was off to see the dentist. Amazingly enough, I was in and out in thirty minutes, none the worse for wear. By 1100, I was in bed at exRoomie’s place. She is in Daytona Beach for the week, so I had the place to myself.

It took a while to fall asleep, but once I got there, I slept well. Until 1550. After laying there, wide awake, for about thirty minutes, I picked up my phone and checked my messages. Mistake. There would be no more sleep, not that I had much time left anyway.

Drywall Dude had texted me. He has moved out of the state, and left the remainder of the job in the hands of his capable but notoriously unreliable friend and former helper/business partner. Lovely. Fuck it. I am awake now. Let me check my email.

Shooting Buddy managed to get himself moved to a weekend shift for at least the near future. Looks like future range visits, at least those with pleasant company, are going to be a challenge to schedule for a while. Plus, I won’t be able to draft him into helping me move or fix shit, since my very rare days off are almost exclusively weekend days.

At least the drive back to FaucetCompany and the part of the shift that finished out Tuesday were uneventful.

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