What Day Is It?

One of the weather gods hates me. I was supposed to have this past Saturday off. Well, as “off” as possible after working a twelve hour shift that ended seven and a half hours into the day. But, as luck would have it, boss noticed a potential gap in coverage and asked if I could work at least a partial shift that night.

About four hours after I got to sleep that morning, I awoke to what sounded like small trees raining down onto the roof. That was exactly what was happening, except it was large branches instead of whole trees. A distinction without a difference.

You see, all the wind that came with last week’s polar apocalypse just caused the usual small branches to fall, which make plenty of racket when they hit a metal roof, but is common enough not to be cause for alarm. But the storm Saturday morning knocked loose big stuff that made a commotion that could be both heard and felt.

Although I have yet to discover any significant damage, the adrenaline dump guaranteed that I wouldn’t get back to sleep. At the same time, the lack of sleep made my head too fuzzy to concentrate on anything of significance. Consequently, I spent the day staring at my computer monitor instead of using the time to do something constructive.

I have had exactly one day off so far this year. All my work days have been at least ten hours, most twelve, except this past Saturday. It was supposed to be four but turned into seven.

I have a dentist appointment on Tuesday at 1000, made when I was working second shift and would have had time to get plenty of sleep beforehand. They are too busy to reschedule for a more convenient time of day for three months, and by then I am sure I will be working yet another fucked up schedule.

So, I will keep the appointment, and add another nearly sleepless day to my list.

Which leads me to the title of this post. Is it still yesterday, or is it already tomorrow? And whichever one it is, what does the calendar call it?

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4 Responses to What Day Is It?

  1. hollychism says:

    I certainly hope you’re being well compensated for this.

  2. Craig. says:

    Reminds me of the endless OT at attlucentcirentagere in 03. Was blood money for sure.

    • alaskan454 says:

      The money is nice, but I am not sure that it is a fair exchange. I could live comfortably enough at 30 hours per week at my current pay rate. Unfortunately, double that and more is required.

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