Inconsiderate Fucks

People are nasty, lazy, inconsiderate, selfish wastes of DNA, and most of them should die slowly and painfully in a fire. Yesterday.

I have been working a lot of long shifts recently. Frequently, a bowel movement must take place before I am able to return to the privacy of my home, regardless of how much I wish otherwise.

Almost without fail, when I need to use the facilities, every toilet has piss splattered all over the seat. This, despite two visits by cleaning staff every day.

There are three urinals. I have never known all three to be in use at the same time. If you have to piss, use one of them. If you have a shy bladder, or simply prefer to use a toilet instead of a urinal, then for the sake of all that is holy, LIFT THE FUCKING SEAT BEFORE YOU PULL YOUR DICK OUT!

Damn worthless species!

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8 Responses to Inconsiderate Fucks

  1. That…is nasty. Even my five year old boy lifts the seat, frequently with one hand while the other one is frantically jerking his pants down–what is up with grown men who can’t be arsed to do that for themselves?

    • alaskan454 says:

      But it is someone else’s job to clean up after me. By making a nasty, disgusting mess, I’m actually doing them a favor by ensuring their job security. The signs on the wall that read “this is your home away from home, help keep it clean” don’t really mean what they say. /sarcasm

      Your boy does it because you have taught him properly. So many “grown men” obviously were never taught respect for anything or anyone. Not sure they qualify as human, much less men.

  2. This is not limited to men. Women’s public restrooms are often entirely too disgusting. I only use a public restroom if I truly and absolutely must. Only in times of great desperation will I do it, and even then I take time to look in each available stall for the least offending one to make use of. If I can possibly wait it out, I do. People are incredibly inconsiderate, filthy creatures, for the most part.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Huh? I thought all women did their business at point blank range. I thought it would be difficult to miss from that close. I know it is disgusting and a really bad idea to park your ass on a bare public toilet seat, but almost everywhere has ass gaskets. Even if they don’t, take thirty seconds to make one out of toilet paper. Once the ass is firmly in place on the seat, making a nasty mess would seem to take some work. But that is just my logic. Bottom line, I guess people are just filthy, disgusting creatures.

      • A lot of women won’t sit down, even with a seat cover. They hover…and they splatter…and they miss entirely and can’t be arsed to care. I’ve even found shit on the seats, sometimes.

      • As was said before me, a lot of women won’t actually sit, and that often leads to a mess they don’t care to clean up. God help you if you have the unfortunate timing as to walk into a stall after such an inconsiderate woman has been in there during her time of the month… thankfully THAT kind of gross encounter has been very limited but it has happened. Yep. No gender differences on this one – it boils down to people in general being nasty.

  3. Larry says:

    that noise you just heard was me splitting my skull on the desk trying to beat that image out of my mind…

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