A Long Night

I just got home from what felt like three shifts rolled into one. I showed up at 1600 instead of my normal 1900, knowing that there was extra work left from Saturday to do, in addition to what I have to do every night.

A couple hours in, the boss let me know that muzzie-boy called out, and I would have to cover his machine from 2300 until the early float guy comes in at 0300. I busted my ass to get as much of my normal work done before 2300 as possible.

I was within an hour of done when 2300 rolled around. Early guy never showed up to relieve me, though, so I was stuck there until the normal day guy got there at 0500.  I have no idea what happened.  I was supposed to relieve the other third shift operator for lunch as soon as I got off the machine at 0300, then do pre-startup prep for a machine that only runs on first and second shift. That is not particularly difficult, but I have never done the entire process on my own before. Time was of the essence, because of the scheduled 0500 start time and the 90+ minutes necessary to heat the tanks up.  Since I couldn’t leave the machine I was on, I have to assume that the other machine was late starting up.  In any case, it wasn’t on me.

Lunch relief and the pre-startup work are two of my new job responsibilities, following the loss of two operators last week – one due to a better opportunity elsewhere, and the other to an apparent allergy to showing up for work as scheduled.

1600-0530, despite the rule about not going over twelve hours per shift.  Here I am. Home, at last. And too damn tired to even beat off.

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2 Responses to A Long Night

  1. It really sucks being a grown-up in a world peopled by children, doesn’t it?

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