Delayed Consequences Of Stupidity

Remember the other week when I dunked my hand in concentrated sulfuric acid and didn’t even get a rash on my skin? Well, starting last night, it has come back to haunt me with a fucking vengeance.

I was wearing my favorite light jacket at the time of the incident. Some acid splashed on it, leaving it with a pinhole and several bleach-like stains. Still serviceable for work, but ruined for anything else. In addition to rinsing it at the time and soaking it in the shower after I got home, I washed it in the machine twice.

I have worn it several times since then, but only briefly each time. Last night, I finished my assigned work with a couple hours left in my shift. I settled down in an inconspicuous location and started to read a book. I got chilly after a few minutes, and put my jacket on.

When I got home and took the jacket off, I noticed light red rings around my wrists, and some minor itching. Nothing a good hand-washing won’t fix, so off I went.

As the night wore on, my hands and arms became very red, blotchy, and itched like hell. There was even some minor swelling in my hands. I took a thorough shower, and tried to sleep, with little success. Sympathetic itching spread throughout my body, with my feet and lower legs bothering me almost as much as my hands and arms.

Since coming in to work tonight, the redness on my arms seems to have faded a little, but the itch and ache in my hands hasn’t. And my feet continue to itch like mad. I know it was caused by the jacket, because the hair is gone from around my wrists where the elastic from the sleeves was.

Now, I get to suffer however long it takes for my body to rid itself of the poison. The jacket will get three more washes and a cautious test. Even the slightest irritation will condemn it to the trash heap.

Yes, I am whining. Again. But being itchy sucks!

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5 Responses to Delayed Consequences Of Stupidity

  1. Craig says:

    No second chances…. Toss the jacket now.

  2. GarandGal says:

    I agree that tossing it is the better idea, but i’ve had success using baking/washing soda in neutralizing acids on clothing. I don’t think i would try it on something that’s been contaminated that long, who knows what reactions happened between the acid and the chemicals in/on the fibers.

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