FaucetCompany Frustration

The following is pure whining. Well, maybe not pure. There might be some bitching mixed in.

I am thankful to be gainfully employed in a position that pays noticeably more than minimum wage. But I swear to $DEITY, this place regularly gets on my fucking nerves.

The performance of the equipment on the line where I work has been declining for months. I keep telling people about it, and trying to find creative ways to maintain throughput while my complaints fall on deaf ears. I reached the extent of my ability to compensate a while back, and finally the problem seems to be getting a little attention. A little.

The “pass the buck” game that is so disappointingly common here is running at full force. Component X is dirty, which causes problems with current flow. Yeah, it works slightly better immediately after a maintenance event, but even then performance is <50% of what it did before I first noticed a problem.

I explain this, but nobody is ever around to witness it immediately following maintenance. Production must go on, and by the time someone does come around again, it is dirty again. It wasn’t cleaned properly. Clean it right and it will work like it is supposed to. Bullshit, but the powers that be force us to prove it.

It boils down to this. Our maintenance team is either the laziest or least competent bunch to ever draw breath. Quite possibly both. When I came in tonight, I found this behind one of the machines that was running at the time.

wpid-2013-12-10-19.49.20.jpgMaintenance had made a repair earlier in the day, and had left hours before this picture was taken. The box of wires and circuit boards is an AC to DC rectifier that is capable of producing in the neighborhood of 2500 amps at 10 volts. As you can see, the door is sitting wide open with the interlock defeated. There are water and steam sources in the vicinity. Test equipment was abandoned, as well as a drop cord.

This is typical. I have never seen any of them clean up after themselves or test a repair. Obvious problems observed during repairs are ignored if not specifically addressed in the work order. No, it isn’t a union shop.

A pump needs to be replaced. They come and replace the pump. They don’t test it. They leave the bad pump on the floor nearby. They ignore the broken splash shield, despite the fact that it pumps acid. I could go on and on.

Then there is the scheduling thing. They told me about this rule during orientation about how they have to give you at least one day off every twenty-one days. Naive me, I figured this would be a rare event. I was wrong. It was invoked five or six times on my behalf this year, and if it hadn’t been for holidays and a scheduled vacation, there would have been two or three more occurrences.

With my current assignment and the production schedule of the moment, Pink Panties and I have worked out a schedule that gets everything done and gives us each every other weekend off. This was his idea, prompted by the fact that he gets his daughter every other weekend.

Being the greedy fuck that he is, PP will work his scheduled weekend off if for some reason he won’t have his daughter. That is how I got this past Sunday off for my birthday. I am thankful that we are allowed this flexibility.

Then they do stupid shit like they fid this week. We are having our holiday meal Thursday afternoon. So everyone can participate, they will idle the machines during this time. But, to make up for the lost production, they are running an extra shift this Sunday. This means that PP will not be able to support the production schedule alone. So, I get some crappy meal on Thursday, and lose my weekend off as a result.

Sometimes, I really love my job. Not.

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6 Responses to FaucetCompany Frustration

  1. GarandGal says:

    sounds like you need a little cheez whiz with your whine. My husbands company regularly has fires break out (the type of product they produce makes an incredible amount of dust. It stinks to high holy heaven too, but I don’t think the stink is flammable. Maybe.) so they have a resident team of firefighters. On one occasion a board very similar to the one in your picture tried to take down the mill single diodedly. Maintenance had been working on it and had done something to cause it to heat up and flash the considerable amounts of dust in the work area, catching all of the other dust in the area, plastic and other fun bits on fire too. The onsite team did the best they could but the city had to respond, and they did. While they were foaming down the giant box of smoldering, flaring mess a supervisor walked over and tapped a city fire department honcho on the shoulder. He asked them to stop spraying it long enough so that he could remove the maintenance lockout and turn his machines back on…

  2. Wraith says:

    The box of wires and circuit boards is an AC to DC rectifier that is capable of producing in the neighborhood of 2500 amps at 10 volts.

    Electronics was always my weakest subject, but I’m pretty sure that would fry you so hard and fast your eyeballs would explode. 😮

    Ever think of talking to OSHA? If they’re going to shove these alphabet soup agencies up our ass, we may as well use ’em.

    • alaskan454 says:

      I have thought about it, but with the shit I see around here every day, the first five minutes would result in fines sufficient to shut the plant down. Then I would have to go find another job.

      Yeah, even at low voltage, that many amps could really ruin your day.

  3. Larry says:

    Hey, free meter!

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