No Cheese, Only Whine

Based on Erin‘s recommendation, I bought a Nebo Blueline flashlight. Over the next several months, I beat the shit out of it. It was truly part of my EDC kit, which resulted in a slow disappearance of the black finish. I used it on at least a dozen occasions to verify that gravity was still working. I dragged it through dirt and mud, only to drown it later, cleaning the dirt off so I could put it back in my pocket.

Even after the aforementioned abuse, it remained fully serviceable. Occasionally, mild percussive maintenance was required in order to get full light output. No other gripes or bitches from many months of heavy use. I would still have it, but one day it just disappeared.

A comprehensive search was carried out, but failed to locate that which was lost. I am reasonably sure that I forgot to remove it from the pocket of one of my pairs of uniform pants before turning them in to be laundered.

It came with a strong clip that I only needed to reshape once. The magnetic base came in handy at least once. I particularly liked the ability to adjust the beam. Light output was adequate for every task that presented itself, yet not so extreme but what battery life with a NiMH rechargeable AA battery was quite acceptable.

I liked the flashlight so well that I purchased another one. In my infinite wisdom, I decided to clip it to my belt instead of inside my pants pocket. I may forget to empty a pocket, but the belt always comes off.

Here comes the whining.

The inevitable happened in less than a week. One evening, I clipped it to my belt just before walking out the door on my way to work. When I got to my work station, it was gone. I searched the house from my bedroom to the door. I scoured the area between the door and where my car was parked. The car itself was subject to much frisking and patting down. I retraced my steps from the parking lot to my work area several times.

My brand new flashlight and another one of my rechargeable AA batteries are gone. Fuck! FuckFuckFuckityFUCK!  I guess I get to buy yet another one, and a belt pouch to keep it from running off.

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11 Responses to No Cheese, Only Whine

  1. Erin Palette says:

    I read the first line of this post, saw the title and then went “Oh crap! Did I steer him wrong?” While I’m sorry you lost two of them, I am actually very relieved that you weren’t complaining about the quality of the light.

    And hey, at that price, you can afford to lose one or three. Not so with a $50-100 tactical light.

  2. hilljohnny says:

    bead chain breaks use plumbers chain

  3. Larry says:

    Fuck that. Anchor chain. You may drop it, but it will stay right where it was dropped. Getting it into a pocket might be a problem though… 😀

  4. Erin Palette says:

    One of my friends just found this link: buy 3 at once for $55.

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