Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Yeah, I know it’s the Tuesday after, but I have nothing else to post…

Thursday morning, DN and I hit the road early, heading north to visit Mom.  New abode is an hour south of where (former) Roomie lives, making the trip was a little over four hours each way.  I had only gotten about three hours of sleep before we left, but was able to make the drive safely.

The visit was enjoyable.  I got to see two of my four brothers, one of my two sisters and Sis’s daughter and granddaughters.  My other sister, DN’s mother, had planned to visit, but she lives a couple more states to the north, and some foul weather on Wednesday forced her to cancel.  My meal consisted of the juiciest turkey I have ever eaten, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing, green beans simmered overnight in a crock pot with some salt pork, and some store-bought macaroni salad (my contribution). Desert was a generous slice of DN’s awesome, moist, and delicious made-from-scratch pumpkin cake.  There was pumpkin pie and banana pudding available, but I had no room remaining.

One of the two brothers has a 1966 Ford Fairlane that he is constantly tweaking, and he always wants to take me for a ride.  The change since my last visit was the replacement of the 390/4-speed with a modified 460/automatic.  The automatic is there only because he tore the 4-speed out of it recently, and the C-6 automatic was the only other transmission he had readily available.  He lives to scare the shit out of people with the damn thing, and I did my best to decline the ride invitation.  Eventually, though, I relented.  He tried to find an intersection where he could do a few donuts, but thankfully, traffic was too heavy, so he was forced to settle for several stop-and-launch episodes, removing copious amounts of rubber from the rear tires each time.

I would have been less nervous if the car had seat belts, and if the driver had even the tiniest bit of sense.  He’s an old man (mid-to-late 50’s) with significant health and vision problems, and no inclination whatsoever to refrain from blatant speeding and truly reckless driving.  Pretty much, he’s a teen-ager without the reaction times or reflexes of youth.  There is no denying the torque produced by a built big-block V8, and he is always anxious to share the experience.  I survived without injury or interaction with law enforcement.

After a few hours of hanging out and chatting, my lack of sleep started to catch up with me, and I advised DN that we needed to leave.  We said our farewells, and returned home.  The return trip was pretty much uneventful.  There were a few episodes of Damn, I’m tired, are we there yet? but no real problems.

On Friday, DN and I hung out and watched the better part of the first season of Gilmore Girls.  Yes, I know.  I couldn’t be much further from the target audience, and there is no real eye candy.  Neither Lauren Graham nor Alexis Bledel (who was of legal age even if the first season despite her character being 16, so don’t judge me for looking), had much more in the way of curves than a 2×4. Even so, I am enjoying the show so far.

Saturday morning, I headed to the range to meet with Shooting Buddy.  He had recently mounted a scope on his antique Jap rifle and wanted to sight it in at one hundred yards.  That proved to be a little more tedious than expected, requiring removal of the scope a few times to make adjustments, but in the end, success was had.  Once that was done, we moved next door to the pistol pit where he fed his Glock 19 a hundred rounds of Federal ammunition, and made a single ragged hole in the target in the process.  While he was doing this, I was busy knocking down and resetting the eight inch steel plates at the end of the pit with my Glock 21 fitted with a 22LR conversion.  Once SB was out of ammo, we left the range and parted ways.  He had worked the official Thanksgiving day, and had plans to celebrate with family later that day, and I was again short on sleep, so I headed to Roomie’s place to get some shut-eye.

After a couple hours of sleep, I got up and ordered a pizza.  Roomie and I chatted a bit over said pizza, and then spent the night catching up on some of the TV shows that we used to watch together when we shared the same roof.  We finally crashed Sunday morning around 0900, after having watched the entire current season of NCIS to date, a couple episodes of Grimm, as well as a few episodes of the new series The Originals.  Mostly, I watched that to see and hear Claire Holt.  I love the Aussie accent, and regularly have impure thoughts about her even though she was born the same week that I graduated from high school.

I finally caught up on my sleep Sunday, not waking until after 1800.  I hung out and bullshitted with Roomie for a while before heading back home.  It was late enough by the time I left that I was able to stop at the nearby Mart of Walls to do my grocery shopping without having to contend with hordes of holiday shoppers (spit!).  I had planned to hang out with DN and watch more GG Sunday afternoon/evening, and she wasn’t happy that I didn’t get back until after she had gone to bed.  To make it up to her, I might refrain from giving her a hard time for her birthday that is coming up on Saturday.  It is a much-dreaded milestone birthday, and oh the things I could do…

And thus I ended my holiday weekend.

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