Why am I so easily annoyed?

Muzzie co-worker’s father died this past weekend. Consequently, I have spent the second half of every shift this week running babysitting his machine. When things are going well, this translates into me sitting on my ass, watching parts cycle through the machine for hours on end.

Things have gone well more often than not, giving me the opportunity to get caught up on the hundreds of unread posts in my feed reader. Many were links to news stories, most “old news” now. These, I quickly bypassed.

There is one blogger who usually posts once per day, and whose writing tends to be prolific. They are an excellent writer, and I admire them as an individual. Tonight I got to their blog, and started to read posts going back two months – the limit of my reader. I was disappointed to find several grammatical errors. Not typos, but errors such as misuse of then vs. than.

They are not a professional writer. Few bloggers are. God knows, I suck. But I do tend to get the part of speech right, and can usually figure out whether to use “effect” or “affect”.  The individual about whom I am writing is highly educated and a subject matter expert in at least one area. Have I mentioned that I admire them greatly?

Why the fuck does it bother me so much when they inadvertently allow their imperfect humanity to be displayed?

I guess I really am that much of a dick.

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7 Responses to Grammar

  1. Craig says:

    Sheesh! What a dick!

  2. Keith says:

    It’s right up there with, their, they’re and there, those very same misuses. I’m a dick, too!

    • alaskan454 says:

      I didn’t share all the instances that I found in the blog that I referenced. I am much more forgiving of those for whom English is not their first language, but a native English speaker with at least one advanced degree should know better without giving it any thought.

      Most errors like that equally annoy the shit out of me. I guess I’m an “equal opportunity dick”. Although I must admit that I misused its and it’s for quite a while until someone educated me.

  3. Typos and honest mistakes are one thing. I know my grammar tends to suck. But yes, there are certain things that are inexcusable, and those who have advanced education should definitely know better. ❤

  4. Jin Chiang says:

    Because grammatical errors mar the message. Please wright to Mrs. Right write now. My keyboard is smoldering.

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