Weekend Report

My weekend was not nearly as productive as I had hoped, and most of the blame lies squarely on my own shoulders. I had managed to work an early shift Friday, so I made plans with Shooting Buddy for some range time Saturday at 0900.

We arrived at the range near the appointed time. As we were setting up, Sumdood showed up and told us that no shooting was allowed before noon. Something about a Range Work Day.

Oh, yeah. I did get an email notice about that. I thought it was the next weekend, though. Well, hell! It would have been nice had they put a sign at the gate, though. That way, when I arrived at 0850, I could have called perpetually-late SB and saved him twenty minutes of driving time.

I felt like shit for not getting the date right, and causing SB to drive an hour each way for nothing. Oh well, I needed to get the vacuum pump and refrigeration gauges back that SB had borrowed many moons ago, and he was bringing them with him.

Don’t tell me you forgot the pump.

OK, I won’t tell you, then.

But I sent the email reminding you … (whining)

Well, fuck. I have a heat pump waiting to be installed, and that can’t be done properly without evacuating the lines prior to charging them with refrigerant. Off we went to SB’s place.

Two hours later, I was back home with the aforementioned refrigeration tools in hand and a rare 68 degree day inviting me to get to work. I started setting up for the installation, and quickly learned that I had purchased the wrong size conduit. Off to Lowe’s to make the exchange. While there, I bought some rock to use to level the location for the compressor pad.

I was able to move the location enough to eliminate the need to remove the tree, but I did use several bags of rock preparing the area.

By Sunday night, the compressor was in place, and the conduit ran into the crawl space for the main power and two of the four indoor units. The two indoor units were also secured to their respective walls, with the drain and refrigeration line stubs fed through the wall.

Based on unit design, feeding the wiring into the indoor units is likely to be one of the more challenging aspects of the installation. Time will tell, though, since no wiring or copper line was pulled.

That, and the installation of a trailer hitch and wiring harness was the extent of my weekend productivity. Most of the rest of the time was spent watching episodes of a stupid TV show that DN likes. I tolerate it because of the occasional cleavage shots, and because one of my favorite actresses plays a major supporting role.

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