The mercury hasn’t seen seventy in a week. Nights have been in the forties to fifties, and are forecast to stay there. In other words, it is cold.

I know, some smartass is going to tell me that it has already snowed this year where they live. Fuck you! I have spent the last three months performing moderate to heavy physical labor in an environment where the average temperature has been 95, with humidity of at least 60%, frequently wearing a sleeved rubber apron and full-face respirator. Every fucking day. Surviving that required some thinning of the blood.

Now, it is cold.

I am using the one room that has walls and a ceiling. But there is no door. A furniture pad is suspended in the doorway, but is a foot too short. There are cracks where the drywall sheets meet, and I haven’t insulated the attic portion above that room. Even so, a single electric heater has managed to keep the temperature in the room reasonably comfortable. It runs almost constantly to do so, and I worry about what will happen as the outside temperature continues to drop.

I should probably install the door and put one level of insulation in the ceiling. I plan to blow in several inches after all the ceilings are in, but I have learned that regular rolls of fiberglass are less expensive per square foot and r-factor than blown-in. I will add blown to fill in any voids and to increase the r-factor, but the first layer is going to be rolled.

Drywall Dude is supposed to start the master bedroom tomorrow. Hopefully, it will go quickly. I would like some privacy (nothing personal towards DN), and I need a place to put the stuff that currently lives in the office so I can finish getting it ready for walls.

I plan to order the mini-split heat pump system tomorrow or Wednesday. I will forego the installation kit. For a savings of $2 per foot and a total line run of nearly 200 feet, I think I can cut and flare the copper tubing myself. Hopefully, I will get all the lines tight and evacuated properly before releasing the freon pre-charge into the system. The local HVAC folks get over $100 a pound for 410.

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2 Responses to Cold

  1. Craig says:

    Let me know how the minisplit system installs. I had a company come out and give me a quote on a 2 zone Mitsubishi for my 600 square foot house and it came in at 7300.00. Naturally I told them to take a hike. That’s almost 20% what I paid for the house.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Will do. A dual zone system large enough for your home, made by a reputable manufacturer would $2500-3000 with the installation kits, including delivery. The trick for an upgrade (walls to remain intact) would be running the lines, electric/control wires and drain. Some won’t honor the warranty unless installed by a licensed contractor, so keep that in mind.

      You will also need a vacuum pump to evacuate the lines. I bought one on ebay years ago for $100 for automotive use. I might have to fabricate a line to get it to work on the mini-split, but nothing more. To complete the DIY, you also need to be comfortable running a new 220V line to the compressor (outside unit). I’ll post my installation adventures in an AAR.

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