Health Care

This is not about zer0Care or the ongoing SINO (shutdown in name only). Neither of those subjects merits a post.

Several weeks ago, I had occasion to seek the services of a nearby health professional. Since I don’t have my own personal sawbones, I went to an “urgent care” facility. The place was empty, and I was in and out in well under an hour.

I agree, Mr. Bastard. Your nuts itch because you have a bad case of jock itch. I recommend that you treat with either antifungal cream L1 or L2 instead of antifungal cream T that you started using yesterday. There should be some improvement within a few days, and you should be fine in a couple weeks. Come back if you aren’t.

That from three minutes with the doctor, plus two minutes with the nurse to walk me back and take my temperature, and maybe five minutes total with the admin to check in and check out was the entirety of the visit.

For which I was billed $184.25.

Hell, Wifey’s twat inspection last year, including the Pap, cost less than $150. For a specialist and lab work. And these fuckers want $185 to confirm what I already knew.

And it is not like they are a true urgent care facility as their name implies. All it means is that they have extended hours and don’t require an appointment. The most urgent conditions that they can handle are drug tests, sore throats, and crotch rot. I know this for a fact.

When Wifey had her first panic attack, I took her there. As soon as they heard “mild arrhythmia”, they couldn’t get us out of the building quickly enough.

Same reaction when I went there after shooting myself in the hand. It didn’t matter that it was a small caliber, the projectile entered about half an inch forward of the heel of my hand and about an inch above the bottom edge. The angle was such that it exited through the bottom edge, and there was almost no blood and little pain. Even so, they wanted no parts of it.

They brag about x-ray and lab services on site, implying that they can treat almost anything, but bring them a minor gunshot wound or even the slightest chance of cardiac issues, and they piss themselves. In fairness, they did clean and rewrap my hand before booting me in the direction of the ED.

Somehow, they feel justified in charging roughly double what a normal office visit with a general practioner would cost for the same services. I will insist on an estimate next time.

I have insurance through FaucetCompany. With a $2500 deductible. They billed my insurance company, and because they are a network provider, my bill was reduced to the contract amount of $148. Which I will pay next week.

So, Grumpy, is there a point, or are you just whining like a little bitch? Again.

My point is that we need to always be informed consumers, even when it comes to service providers that do not usually offer up-front pricing.

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7 Responses to Health Care

  1. Erin Palette says:

    On the bright side, at least your jock itch came out to roughly the same as wifey’s pap smear, in the end.

    • alaskan454 says:

      True, but now I know to find a family doctor and establish a relationship, so next time it will only cost about half. And since I am over 40, there are certain things that I should probably get checked. (Wasn’t there a thing about that last month?) Which is the perfect excuse to make an appointment.

      • Erin Palette says:

        Turning it into a learning experience does make the pill somewhat easier to swallow.

  2. Craig says:

    You shot yourself in the hand??

    • alaskan454 says:

      Yeah. Two years ago, while “teaching” Wifey and son to shoot. 22 conversion on the Glock, shit ammo, malfunction, didn’t seem to clear with the normal “tap, rack, bang” so I went to break the pistol down. I had my hand slightly forward of the barrel (in preparation to push the slide release down) as I dropped the striker. As it turned out, the malfunction had cleared, there was a live round in the chamber, said live round went bang when I pulled the trigger, and I ended up with a hole in the bottom of my hand. Way to introduce the new wife and kid to shooting, eh?

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