Moving Day

Yesterday, I relocated my primary living quarters. About ten feet. Earlier in the day, DN swept, mopped, and mopped some more behind the drywall guys. She then swept enough boric acid in the cracks to keep the place cockroach free for at least a millenium. 

When I got home from work, I connected the outlets, switches, and closet light. I had to make a mess on DN’s clean floor, though. You see, the idiots hanging my drywall failed to cut out around one of the outlet boxes.

Even with having to cut the drywall, the job went quickly and smoothly. After testing the new circuit and sweeping up the fresh dust, we moved the beds (if you can call a cot and an air mattress ‘beds’) from the adjoining bedroom.

I have a lot of trouble falling asleep under the best of circumstances, and a new place compounds that. Although the sleeping surface was the same, the new location of said surface played hell with my ability to drift into dreamland.

Despite my insomnia, it was nice to be in a room with fresh walls and a ceiling without holes. One more step in the right direction from shit hole to home.

Before work this morning, I moved the rest of the big stuff from the master bedroom in preparation for demolition. DN informed me several hours ago that all the remaining contents have been relocated.

Tomorrow I get to knock down the last of the old walls in the house. Hopefully, in a few days, the demo, wiring and insulation will all be done, and I can call my crack drywall team to come and hang another room.

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