Fast Food Adventures


Which dumbass in your marketing department decided to name the half-pound size of all your specialty burgers “six dollar” when you already have a “six dollar burger” on the menu? Doing so causes the following to happen:

Customer: I would like a six dollar sized super bacon cheeseburger meal, please.

Rude, inattentive, bitch of a cashier with a NJ/NYC accent and attitude to match enters an order for a classic six dollar burger meal. No readback of the order, no screen to verify, and the receipt is given with the food, not before.

When the food comes out, it matches the receipt, not what the customer ordered. Customer eats food without complaint because customer has places to be, and there is not enough time correct the error. And because customer hates to see food wasted. 

Oh, and are the longer straws for large drinks really so much more expensive that you are unwilling to stock them in your dining room beverage bar?

And is it so difficult to teach your semi-trained monkeys employees that napkins are made in such a way that there is a right way and a wrong way to load dispensers? Loading them the wrong way tends to piss people off, and encourages waste.


Even though it is not a numbered meal on your menu board, you do offer a beef and cheddar max sandwich. And no, it is not entered as a max roast beef, add cheddar; although that is essentially what it is.

Another thing, if I may. On at least two occasions, your cashier entered a mid beef and cheddar, presumably because she doesn’t know where the max is on the screen. I politely educated her and got it corrected before the order was tendered.

In such cases, it is not appropriate to put the mid that was prepared when the order was initially entered in a max box and serve it to me. I eat. A lot. I know the difference.

Wait until the order has been completed before making the food. I don’t mind waiting the extra thirty seconds. It is worth a minor delay to make sure I get what I paid for.

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