The flood in the crawl space under the tub was what I suspected from a distance, and repairs have been made. The additional water now entering the system further compounded the pre-existing slow drain issue, however.

DN yanked the top hinge out of the last surviving interior door when she exited the bedroom yesterday afternoon. In fairness, it was barely connected when I bought the place.

Drywall guy is supposed to finish the last little bit of the #2 bedroom tonight. Assuming that his dumb ass manages to not kill himself. He may do a decent job when it comes to drywall, but he knows fuck all about electricity. Months ago, I ran wire to that bedroom, and connected the first outlet. I plugged a night light into the outlet, and didn’t give it any more thought except when I needed to use the outlet for something.

When I got home the evening after Drywall Guy did the bulk of the room, I saw a night light and electrical outlet sitting on the corner of the bathroom vanity. It didn’t register until I walked around the corner to inspect the drywall. At that point, I noticed the empty electrical box where the one hot outlet had been.  I now knew where the outlet and night light had came from. I assumed that he turned the breaker off before removing it, but I did not check.

I touched the insulated part of the wire that ran down the stud at the back of the box, and was rewarded with a spark and the sound of a breaker popping. The fucking idiot had disconnected it and pushed the bare wires back into the box while it was energized. Not sure how he managed not to shock himself or short the circuit in the process.

Last night when I got home, I attacked the slow drain problem. There are three clean-out locations between the house and the street. I was armed with a pipe wrench and a leftover ten foot piece of CPVC pipe that I planned to use as a snake. The pipe wrench was unnecessary, as the clean-out plugs were only hand tight. The pipe was useless, since it moved effortlessly through the accumulated water, failing to find the clog.

Since I don’t own a real snake, I tried the plunger at the clean-out. Since the pipe was full of water, I thought it might work. A few splashbacks and many curses later, it broke through. All the drains tested fine except for the bathroom sink. Maybe the plunger moved something in the wrong direction before pushing the clog to the street. I’ll deal with it tonight. Now, I have to get to work.

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