Around and Around

I’m sitting at the machine normally tended by the negro muzzie that I mentioned several posts ago. He took the night off, and I was chosen to stay an extra four hours to cover the first half of his shift.

While I sit, I watch various parts cycle through the machine, changing in appearance as they complete the plating process. It is monotonous until shit starts falling off the line and into one or more of a couple dozen different tanks, each containing chemistry of varying degrees of lethality.

Crashes make things really interesting, and in a hurry, since the line continues to move. I shall ramble until an episode of excitement strikes, or until I run out of things to say.

I commented on a blog earlier this evening. This is noteworthy, since I seldom do so. I usually lurk in the shadows, watching and listening.

Six wrote a post about taxes. I was nodding in agreement until he started talking about corporate taxes. While he didn’t come right out and say it, he seemed to be of the opinion that corporations should pay more than they do. I left the following comment:

For decades, I felt similarly to you and the commenters thus far regarding corporate “income” tax. One day, a friend pointed out something that I had never considered before, but changed my way of thinking completely.

Corporations do not pay any taxes, regardless of what their annual reports may indicate. Taxes are part of the cost of doing business. If a company’s business plan is to realize $1 of profit per widget produced, they will set the price accordingly. If the cost to produce one widget is $9, they will price it at $10. Say their tax burden increases, and the cost (including the tax increase) per widget becomes $10. They simply increase the selling price to $11. Those who buy the widgets are actually paying the corporation’s tax, along with whatever sales, use or other tax levied separately.

I say eliminate corporate tax completely, put that division of the IRS out of business, and let the market price drop accordingly.

He responded, but started to discuss tax subsidies instead of the tax itself. Rather than post a follow-up comment there and risk coming across as an argumentative ass (which I most certainly am, I just try not to display such behavior when I am a guest) I decided to bring the conversation here. I can be as much of an ass here as I wish.

I have made it pretty clear that I oppose nearly all taxes, as well as about ninety percent of the “services” provided by our overseers. I also oppose all state sponsored welfare – individual, corporate, and international. Tax subsidies as mentioned by Six fall into this category.

Back to corporate taxes. How can a business, the goal of which must be to make a profit, not treat taxes as just another expense? And as such, said expense must be passed on to the consumer of their product or service.

So, we are charged tax on our income at the federal, and in most cases, state level. Some localities even get in on the game. Then we are taxed for Medicare and Social Security.  That last one is supposed to be an investment fund, but face it, it is a tax.

From what is left, we must pay rent on what we think of as our real estate and automobiles in the form of real estate and property taxes. Next, we pay administrative fees for the registration of and permission to use our motor vehicles.

Then, we buy stuff. Included in the cost of every item purchased at retail is a percentage of the corporate taxes paid by the producer, wholesaler, transporter, and retailer of the product. Also included is the cost of administrative items (business licenses, inspections, etc.) and other government mandated items such as EPA compliance. In truth, these are just more taxes.

On top of that, most places charge sales tax. Some localities exempt or have lower rates for food, but pretty much everything else gets it. Certain items are charged additional taxes, most notably but not limited to energy and “sin” items. These supplemental taxes are seldom disclosed, and few of us realize that we are paying them. 

Is it any wonder that everyone who is paying the slightest bit of attention is sick of “taxes”?

In other news, I got a laundry device this week:


It is a combo washer and dryer all in the same unit. It does not use traditional tumble dry technology, which means that it does not require a vent or a 220V power source. Drawbacks include a longer cycle time (two and a half to over four hours) and the need to experiment with different cycle options to get difficult items like towels to dry completely.

Reviews are mixed. Some swear by it, while others complain of reliability and performance issues. Due to the design, it will require more maintenance that traditional equivalents, but nothing tedious. Wipe down the door seal and adjacent area after every load for mold prevention and because lint/hair tend to collect there. Clean out the drain filter (easily accessed) once per month. You get the idea. I will post a proper review after I have had the opportunity to put it through its paces enough times to make it the evaluation credible.

In an effort to mitigate any potential reliability issues not related to lack of maintenance, I did purchase extended warranty coverage for five years. There were enough complaints, including LG’s abysmal factory warranty support to convince me that the investment was wise. Time will tell.

DN was so thrilled that she emailed me the evening after I had hooked it up, lamenting that she had no more laundry to do. Yes, she is a little strange, but I adore it. At least when she truly likes taking care of tasks that I do not have time to perform. 

I bought the machine from a company out of Brooklyn, NY (spit!). They beat the local big box home improvement store by well over three hundred federal reserve notes, after calculating delivery.

It took them almost a month to ship it, but they managed to eventually get it to me undamaged and in good working order. Plus they let me pay using BillMeLater, which allows me to have it now, but not pay a cent until next March. If I pay in full at that time, which I will do, there will be no finance charges. Using other peoples’ money at no cost to me is awesome!

The truck-for-drywall deal started this week. The truck disappeared Tuesday afternoon, and yesterday evening they started on the back bedroom.


They intend to return tonight, and will probably finish that room. I was going to finish preparing the office and kitchen this weekend so they could keep going, but my weekend off was revoked about eight hours ago. Hopefully, I will get next weekend.

I happened to look out the kitchen window a few days ago, and saw water seeping around the sewer line cleanout plug. I have had a problem with slow drains for a while, but it would appear that the problem is a wee bit more serious than I initially thought. A disgusting task for my next day off awaits.

My dishwasher does not work properly. The drain hose became kinked as I slid the machine in place under the counter. It has resisted all unkinking efforts thus far. The next step will be to disconnect it, make the hole in the side of the sink base larger so the hose can be manipulated more easily, and then re-route and reinstall the hose. Ah, the joys of a whole house remodel!

I might have too much porn on my computer. I recently discovered that the combined 200GB of TrueCrypt volumes where my videos were saved were full.

What? You don’t think I was just going to leave all that porn laying around unsecured, did you? I am, if nothing else, a responsible porn owner.

I created a new 300GB TC volume, and moved the videos there. I then moved the still photos from the nearly full 80GB volume into the empty 120GB volume where some of the videos used to live.

I really need to go through the collection and purge a significant amount. I have stills and low-res videos from over fifteen years ago, when I was still using dial-up. Every time I try, though, I get distracted. 

Plus, with few walls and no doors, I have to be particularly careful. Imagine the awkward moment that would follow DN walking into the room and catching me with my dick in my hand. Yeah. I don’t know if either of us would survive the emotional trauma.

… and the parts on the machine keep going ’round and ’round …

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5 Responses to Around and Around

  1. Hopefully no crashes.

    Would dislike not hearing about you finishing the remodel.

    Just sayin’…

  2. You know, you can get a 1 T external hard drive for all of your porn, and then not only is it encryptable…it’s portable!

    Or at least that’s what I hear. 😀

  3. Larry says:

    d’oh! Taking off the sock now…

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