Well, Hell

First of all, I would like to point out that I have a new header pic – for those of you who use a reader and haven’t seen it yet.  Everyone else will have already seen it by now.  I forget who I stole her from.

I didn’t work today, at least not at FaucetCompany.  After fucking around for a couple hours waking up and having some of DN’s quite tasty homemade pizza, I got to it.  I was determined to get the second bedroom and the office ready for drywall by the end of the day.  I wanted to do the roof repair as well, but with this strange liquid falling from the sky, I chose to skip that part of the plan.

The bedroom needed a couple more sections of insulation, securing of the ceiling fan box, and stapling the wire in place.  Oh, and I had to route the outside spigot through brick veneer, up the wall, and into the attic area where the rest of the plumbing resides.

The office needs the pantry framing in the corner, the wire for the genset hookup box routed down the wall and out through the brick, securing the back side of the washer hookup box, and a shit-ton of nails from the old drywall pulled out.  As well as the wiring staples and ceiling fan items previously mentioned for the bedroom. Note that the change from past to present tense was intentional.

Well, I finished the bedroom.  In the process, I learned what it feels like to drag a hacksaw blade across one’s thumbnail enough to draw blood.  Yeah, that smarted a bit.  Still does, as a matter of fact.

I had turned on the faucet in the bathtub to release the pressure in the lines so I could attach the line for the outside spigot.  When I went back under the house to turn the water back on, I noticed that the water exiting the bathtub was pouring onto the ground instead of being safely led away into the sewer line.  Due to the river pouring down from above, I was unable to investigate.  However, based on what I remember from installing the tub, I imagine that the screw-on part that attaches to the brass tub drain tail piece has come loose.  If I am correct, simply reattaching and tightening it, and adding some support to hold the pipe up a little higher should remedy the problem.

It does mean that another trip under the house in the very near future is inevitable, though.  Have I mentioned just how much I hate crawling under there?

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