Observations Of The Day

As predicted, I did not work today.  Not at FaucetCompany, anyway.  Instead, I spent the day running errands.  (What?  You wanted an interesting post?  Go somewhere else.)

After dragging my lazy ass out of bed, I headed to the nearby communal wash-house.  I wasted an hour and a half watching scraps of material go in circles.  After it stopped, I removed my raiment from the machine and folded it.  If you can call what I did folding.

Directly, I meandered over to the Chinese buffet, where I attempted to close the place down.  My attempts were unsuccessful, but I did experience the best service that I have ever gotten in any such establishment.  And believe me, I’ve frequented many.  Little China Girl never let me run out of flavored carbonic acid, which was really all I needed her for.  I am very experienced at overloading my own plate.  She didn’t offer a happy ending, but it’s not really that sort of place.

After my meal, I continued my journey, and ended up at the purveyor of walls, which, remarkably, had no walls available for purchase.  They did, however, have a very rare and elusive product, to wit:


Federal target ammunition in 9mm Luger.  I traded the swipe of a card for two boxes, and two more boxes remained after my departure.

I selected additional items, completed the second transaction and returned home.  In entering the financial details in my ledger, I observed that the thieving bastards cheated me.  The rotary tool advertised at $23.97 actually cost me $36.88, and the sorry bastards got fifty-eight cents for the garlic salt labeled for sale at fifty cents.  The horror!  I bought three!

After returning home, I watched as Dear Niece found a home for the purchased products. Some administrative tasks were then undertaken, ingredients thrown into the slow cooker, and now DN and I are attempting to become better acquainted with Messrs. DeKuyper and Smirnoff.  I think we’re getting along swimmingly, but that is just my opinion.


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