Bits and Pieces

As I was finishing lunch at a local burger joint last week, a man came in wearing a Korean War Veteran cap.  I walked over, begged forgiveness for the intrusion, and thanked him for his service.  He said that he was happy to do it, and would do it again if he were younger.  He claimed to be well up into his eighties, and his appearance and the timeline bore that out.  He seemed to want to talk, but I had to go to work.  I felt badly that I didn’t see him in time to pay for his lunch, and couldn’t spend however long he wanted, talking about whatever.  I thought of my father, who would be 96 if he were alive, when he told me his age.  We have so few left from his generation.  I hope my thanks brightened his day in some small way.

On the way home from work last night, some genius in a raggedy Honda decided to pass me in the center turn lane.  Where’s a cop when you need want one?  Less than thirty seconds later, a white SUV blew by me, also in the center lane.  Fucking assholes!  Is it a full moon or something?  About that time, the night sky lit up in flashes of blue.  SUV was 5.0.  Raggedy Honda meekly pulled over.

There are a couple studs in the kitchen that sit out almost an inch from the rest, making the mating of drywall sections a massive pain in the ass.  Did I mention how much I hate drywall?

Who gives a shit about some fuck trophy who won the mommy and daddy lottery, and is third in line for the throne of a has-been country half a world away, who will have no real power should it actually one day claim the throne?  She’s not my type, but I wouldn’t mind having a go at the mother, though.  Then again, women I’d like to fuck isn’t exactly an exclusive group.  I mean, I’d do Kirstie Alley.

Rumor has it, I won’t have to work Saturday evening.  Not sure how I am going to celebrate such an occasion, but it damn sure won’t be putting up any more drywall, or doing anything else constructive.  Especially since I am supposed to have a three day weekend next weekend.   I’ll be productive then.  Probably.

A few dry days, preferably with high temperatures only in the low 80’s would be nice.  I have drainage issues around the house, and all this rain has made the area a haven for mosquitoes.  And the huge-assed spider whose web is just slightly off to the side of the back door isn’t getting the job done.

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