Less Appropriate Than Normal

This blog is definitely not for the faint of heart, easily offended, children, or furry animals, and probably should not be viewed using your employer’s bandwidth. But y’all know this already.

Even so, I had never posted any images of nekkid women until now. Honestly, I don’t plan to do so again. A while back, Angry Mike posted a pic that I found absolutely stunning, and I have to share. I don’t believe God ever made a more perfect specimen.


Because there tends to be balance in most things, the young lady in the photo is probably dumb as a box of rocks, batshit insane, or both. But, Lord she is gorgeous!

EDIT: It was Irish aka Pissed, not AngryMike from whom I stole her.

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2 Responses to Less Appropriate Than Normal

  1. Larry says:


    Looks like a good August header. I wonder how well it blows up…

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