Florida Theatrics

This post will be preaching to the choir, and not offering anything new.  Even so, I want to express my opinion on the bullshit that has been taking place in the Sunshine State for the last couple weeks.

So, the fun begins when this beaner that everyone has been calling a white dude decides to patrol the area surrounding his domicile as part of a “Neighborhood Watch” program.  Let me stop right there.  I hate those programs.  They encourage people to spy on each other and snitch whenever anything that may be out of the ordinary is observed.  I’m surprised the NSA doesn’t throw a hissy fit that mere civilians are encroaching on their territory, but anyway.

So beaner Z-man is out doing his thing, and happens across TNT* Tra.  Z-man decides that Tra is up to no good, and follows him.  While doing so, he calls the po-po.  Two bad decisions there, but nothing illegal.

Somewhere along the line, Tra notices that he is being followed.  Feeling disrespected, he sets out to confront Z-man, and teach him some manners.  Being a fat, out of shape guy, Z-man appears to be an easy target for the younger and more fit Tra.

Unfortunately for Tra, Z-man is not particularly interested in being taught any lessons, particularly any that are in the form of an ass beating.  Ass beatings are, incidentally, against the law, while simply following someone you don’t recognize to make sure they have no nefarious intentions, isn’t.

That is when the student became the teacher.  Lesson of the day: Don’t attempt a beat-down on someone unless you are certain that you can do so and still have a pulse when it is over.

* Thug Nigga Trainee
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1 Response to Florida Theatrics

  1. Larry says:

    Let us not forget that TM had gotten all the way home, then decided to turn around, seek GZ out, and confront him.

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