House Update

As one could easily deduce from my last post, I have been spending most of my time at work of late. As such, very little progress has been made on the renovation. 

Dear Niece is still with me, but neither of us are comfortable with the idea of her doing wiring. Or plumbing. Or framing. And she flat out refuses to go underneath of the house with the creepy crawlies and drag out the trash, old ductwork, hot water heaters, a five gallon bucket of pistons of unknown origin…

So, after she finishes removing the drywall from the #2 bedroom, she will be left with the occasional cleaning chore, trying to stay cool, and searching for the end of the Internet.

I have managed to put up two more rolls of wall insulation. I need to seal up some cracks with spray foam, after which the exterior walls of the office can be put up. Same goes for the kitchen, with the exception of sections that will have plumbing protusions. Those can be done too, as soon as I get off my ass and do the final tie-in for the dishwasher and kitchen sink. But that requires going under the house, which I am loathe to do. Plus, I need to tie in the washer drain the next time I go under there.

Little else has been done. I am saving my farthings for a heat pump, but it won’t do me any good until I have ceilings and attic insulation installed.

A word of caution. Water saver toilets? Don’t. I ended up with one, simply because it was the second least expensive model in stock, and the cheapest one was rated very poorly. It worked very well for a while, but not so much now.

I know that I have a partially blocked vent pipe. How could it not be, with no screen and a heavily wooded lot? However, there are indications of a block somewhere along the line. Attempts to flush, even liquid only, are met with derision. The bowl fills slightly, then slowly drains. However, if I quickly empty a full five gallon bucket into the bowl, it works normally.

Methinks 1.24 gallons just isn’t enough to escort the contents all the way to the street.  When I go up on the roof to fix what the loser wannabe-contractor Danny Gautier fucked up, I will clear the vent pipe and install a screen on the top. Then I will run about twenty gallons of water through the toilet as quickly as possible. After that, occasional use of pipe buildup clearing products will hopefully keep things flowing properly. If not, a new toilet will be forthcoming.

The insurance company has informed me that I have forty-five days to install rails on the front porch if I want to keep my coverage in force. Fucking lawyers! I will comply, but it will be the cheapest, and probably the ugliest set of rails you ever saw.

End Transmission

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2 Responses to House Update

  1. lpcard says:

    Wrought iron railings FTW

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