Contractors and Liars

But I repeat myself.

During one of our many recent storms, an overhanging branch from a tree rooted on my property sagged to the point that it is resting against the gable and roof of my neighbor’s house. As soon as they pointed it out to me, I called a couple local tree services.

The person who answered the phone at the first place took my name and number, and promised that someone would call me back. Someone never did. Neither did Anyone Else.

The second guy made it by, and we discussed not only the offending limb, but also my desire to rid myself of at least a third of the 30+ trees currently infecting the lot. I found his price and terms acceptable, and verbally committed to getting the bulk done this autumn. He offered to cut the branch back at no charge since I had agreed to give him the much larger job later in the year.

Our conversation was on a Friday. He promised to take care of the limb some time the following week. When Thurdsay arrived before he did, I contacted him and politely asked if he was still planning to stop by that week.

Stop laughing. I can be polite. I just don’t do so very often.

He assured me that he would. It is now Tuesday of the week following his self-imposed deadline, and my tree is still playing touchy-feely with the house next door.

I might have forgiven him had he done the decent thing and called when he realized he couldn’t make it. Failure to do so has cost him a $5K job. He can still redeem himself if he does what he promised by the end of this week, and apologizes for not keeping his word.

I’m not holding my breath. In the mean time, I’m sure the neighbors think I am ignoring them.

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2 Responses to Contractors and Liars

  1. Jin Chiang says:

    You can use a high limb chain saw blade and rope to cut the encroaching branch. A $5,000 job? I’d do it myself and spend the money on a business like Grumpy’s House of Hopping Hares.

    • alaskan454 says:

      The $5K was for cutting down, removing, and grinding the stumps of about half of the 30+ tall pines and other assorted trees that I want gone. I thought his price of $300/tree was more than reasonable.

      I will probably end up using a “chainsaw on a stick” to deal with the immediate problem, and find someone else to clear the lot next spring.

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