I’m slowly adjusting to my new work schedule – 1500-2330.  Not quite there yet, but working on it.  The new job is a lot of watching and learning at the moment, but that will change drastically soon.  According to the production schedule, I will get June 15th off.  The 16th would be day #21, and subject to FaucetCompany’s 21-day rule, but they need me help set up the machine to run the night of the 16th, whereas the 15th is just a mandatory training day.  So much for mandatory, huh?

After much swearing and multiple attempts, my bathroom sink appears to be leak-free.  The drain that came with the faucet didn’t fit my new vanity top as well as I’d like, but some extra RTV took care of that.  Then the water leaked past the big, thick gasket and down the threads.  Re-taping the threads and more RTV seemed to fix that problem.  After that, the p-trap didn’t seal tightly against the drain.  With the addition of more RTV, now it is snug.  Not tight, but snug.  It’s been three days, and after several uses, the vanity floor is still dry.  Hopefully, it will stay that way for a while.  I hated to use so much RTV.  Hell, that is why I bought new stuff – so I wouldn’t have to rig it.  Best laid plans…

I ran the wire for the stove, but dropped it down at the edge of the kitchen and attached the outlet there temporarily since much of the kitchen floor will have to be replaced.  At least I have both a range and microwave for cooking now.  Baby steps.  I also un-boxed a couple of my kitchen base cabinets and laid a section of counter top over them.  This will give me a usable cooking surface as long as I’m gentle, and I will be able to use the cabinets to store cooking utensils away from the bulk of the remodel dust.

I ran into my boss at a local restaurant before work a few days ago. The sorry bastard had the nerve to come up to me and ask something about work. Instead of Fuck off, I’ll be there in two hours and you can ask me then I politely answered his question and returned to my table.

I’ve been tired a lot lately. Not sure if it is my new schedule, recovering from my case of the sniffles, the hotter weather, burnout, or my general laziness, but something is kicking my ass.  Whatever it is, I’ll be glad when it is satisfied that my ass has been sufficiently kicked, and moves on.

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