Weekend Report

Well, I did manage to have Saturday and Sunday off for the holiday, even if I did have to work the holiday itself.  I wasn’t nearly as productive as I would have liked, but my nose was running like a faucet, and I kept coughing from about Friday evening.  Even so, I managed to get a little bit done.

I cleaned and sanitized the floor in the bedroom, across the hall, and into the bathroom.  I can now walk to the bathroom without shoes, and without wondering what I might step on along the way.  Thank God for Lysol.  This took most of Saturday morning.

Saturday afternoon was spent cleaning up and bagging about a quarter of the refuse left by my friend (not!) the roof and window guy.

Although my plan indicated otherwise, I strung wire for four additional electrical circuits.  I now have a light in the bathroom that is actually held in place by something other than a hook or a clamp.  Eventually, I need to connect the switch, but for now it can stay on.  I also have electrical outlets in the bathroom, hallway, and the room that will later become the office.  Only one of the latter, but more can be added later with minimal effort.

The vanity is in place and secured to the wall.  The top is also in place, and the drain line has been routed through the new wall.  The p-trap has been installed and tested for leaks.  The faucet is in position, but the lovely folks at FaucetCompany forgot to include the mounting hardware, so I am waiting for said hardware to arrive in the mail.  That and ten minutes will move me one more huge step towards comfort and convenience.

I also used a string trimmer to knock down the two foot high weeds in the front and side yard.  Rumor has it, the city will bitch about it if it gets to be too much like a jungle, and I don’t want to listen to some bureaucrat tell me what I can and can’t do on my own fucking property.  I really want to avoid having any HOA flashbacks.

I called the day early on Sunday, and drove to the old house.  I had several loads of laundry to do, and I needed to pick up a few things from there, so I made the drive instead of visiting the local laundromat.

There is still way more left to do than has been done, but it’s starting to feel like home.  Apart from the climate control challenges, I’m reasonably comfortable.

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