This week has been a lesson in frustration. Sunday night, it rained hard most of the night. When I got up Monday morning, I found that my newly installed roof was leaking around the chimney.

Yes, the roof that was installed by the lazy fuck who couldn’t be bothered to clean up after he finished. The same one with whom I had a very unpleasant conversation back in January after I figured out that he wasn’t coming back to do the cleanup. We both walked away, hoping never to have to see each other again. I thought I’d mentioned the incident before, but if I did, I can’t find the post.

When I texted him about the problem, he seemed very willing to come take care of it. Then he asked who I was. He hasn’t been nearly as enthusiastic since I told him. As of now, he has promised to stop by and take care of it as soon as he can, probably the first of next week. When he continues to blow me off, as I expect him to do, I’ll just hire someone else to fix it and sue him later to get my money back.

Remember the leak in the shower pipe that I mentioned recently? Well, I’m still fighting that. I fixed what I thought was the only leak at the top of the shower tree. After doing so, I found that both the faucet and shower outlets were leaking at the control valve.

A word of advice. Don’t try to use an all plastic CPVC to pipe thread adapter, even for 1/2″ applications. Ever. For anything. Spend the extra four bucks and buy a proper union made of metal with a CPVC insert. Out of five that I used, three failed. Despite proper taping, it was impossible to get a seal. Too loose and it leaked. Too tight and it stripped the threads out. And leaked. I spent way more in time, stress, pipe and pipe fittings than I saved by using the inferior product. In fact, I am nervous about leaving the two in place that are not leaking. Yet.

Today was consecutive work day number nine, and I have been informed that the three day holiday weekend that we were supposed to get for Memorial Day isn’t going to happen. Not even the holiday itself, unless they have a change of heart in the next 48 hours.

And if all that wasn’t enough, I’ve developed a cluster of zits on the inside of my upper thigh that have swollen and become so sensitive that I can’t fucking walk normally.

And the week ain’t half over yet.

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