More (House) Stuff

I was in the parking lot at work ninety minutes before my scheduled start time this morning. That wasn’t enough time to start on anything at the house, and I’d rather be there than in a camp chair in my cluttered bedroom.

I did have a productive morning, though. I bought (and dragged inside) what should be enough 2×4 wall studs to make the necessary repairs and frame the additional areas in the bathroom. I also bought enough wall board (both regular and moisture resistant) to finish the bathroom. Those were a bitch to get inside without snatching a corner off.

I purchased what should be enough pipe to completely plumb the supply side of the water equation, and I put the necessary valves and light fixtures on order.

Waste side is going to be a little more complicated, what with the major relocation of the washer, and minor location changes to both the kitchen and bathroom sink locations. I’ll worry about that later, though. The tub and toilet should be fine where they are, and those are the most important.

My feline guests seem to have moved elsewhere. No sign of them last night or this morning. Honestly, I’m relieved.

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