Yesterday I was in the break room at work, where they blast CNN nonstop.  While I was inhaling my food, the talking heads started blathering about gun control.  I tried to ignore them.  They started talking about Crazy Joe’s recommendation of a double-barreled shotgun for home defense.  They continued on about complaints that the proposed new legislation was unconstitutional.  I don’t know if they were still quoting Crazy Joe, some other dumbass, or just spewing nonsense, but here was what I considered the money quote (possibly not verbatim, but close):

… but we have to have some restrictions, or people would buy military weapons…

It was all I could do not to scream at the screen.  That’s the fucking point, you dipshit! 

Have you even read the second amendment to the Constitution?  SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.  If the government has muskets, we the people should be able to have muskets.  If the government has ICBMs tipped with a few hundred pounds of ricin or botulinum toxin for good measure, then we the people should be able to have them.  Along with every fucking thing in between.

Molon_labeImage stolen from Wikipedia.

Come and take it, assholes.  I will not comply!

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2 Responses to Duh!

  1. Larry says:

    I had a guy at work ask me why I needed a 30 round magazine.

    “For hunting,” I said.

    “You don’t need 30 bullets to hunt deer!” he said.

    I told him “You don’t use 30 round magazines to hunt deer. You use them to hunt tyrants.”

    I think I’m making them nervous here…

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