Weight Loss Challenge

My official starting weigh-in number Monday afternoon was 225.6 pounds in my work attire minus boots.  When I returned home Monday evening, I weighed said work attire and came up with 3.0 pounds.  So, I have set up the ticker to the right at 222.5, with a goal weight of 160.

My preparations seem to have been successful. I went into the weigh-in with a full bladder, and having consumed a heavy breakfast, and my packed lunch within the preceding four hours.  Eight hours later when I got home, I weighed 216.5 on my home scale.  I don’t know how it compares to the official scale at work, but I will assume that they are identical.  By Wednesday morning, I was at 210.  Only fifty pounds to go, and over eighty-five days in which to do it.  I got this.  (Probably not, but I’m trying to stay positive.)

There are 31 people entered in the competition, so if when I win, I will net $300.  Not sure it’s worth depriving myself for three whole months, but I’ll be healthier at the end, and that’s worth something, too.

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