A Weekend Off

FaucetCompany was gracious enough to let me know Friday afternoon that my services would not be needed this weekend.

Sperm Donor was supposed to have LF’s spawn this weekend, but Spawn is scheduled to sell girl scout cookies somewhere Saturday afternoon, so that canceled that.  No chance for uninterrupted nookie, so I didn’t bother to see if I could get invited over.

Here is the forecast for this weekend for the house location:


Needless to say, I won’t be trying to fight that. I am quite the wuss when it comes to cold, wind, and ice of any flavor falling from the sky.

So guess what I’m going to do.  Here is a hint:

2013-02-15 21.29.21

This (and an item for Roomie) was purchased earlier this week during my annual liquor store visit.  A couple old friends are there, along with a few new guys.  Certainly not top shelf, but not quite rotgut either.

I have to partake this weekend, or wait a few months.  I’ll explain why in a later post.

EDIT: Not a fan of Jack.  Not straight, not mixed with anything that I have in the house.  Prolly shoulda stuck with what I knew – screwdrivers and fuzzy navels.

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2 Responses to A Weekend Off

  1. Larry says:

    Not a big bourbon drinker myself, I like a tequila sunrise now and again but mostly I stick with IPA.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Don’t like any beer I’ve tasted to date, including the pale ales. I do like some of the flavored malt beverages, like Smirnoff Ice, but that’s as close as it gets. Never tried tequila. Maybe I will after my current dry season passes.

      I did find a good twist on the traditional Fuzzy Navel, though. Standard recipe, but use half orange juice, half pineapple juice. Awesome tasting stuff.

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