I’ve been seeing a lot of Sheriffs effectively giving zer0 the bird regarding the enforcement of new gun control decrees.  I like this.

I just hope it doesn’t go down like things did a while back when Texas refused to let the TSA molest passengers in their airports.  A big deal was made about it, but when they actually went to do it, the feds threatened to cancel every flight into and out of Texas.

Same idea back when we had a national 55MPH speed limit.  States didn’t have to adopt, but if they didn’t, they’d lose federal highway funds.

And people think that the War of Northern Aggression was about slavery, not about states’ rights and the prevention of an unreasonably powerful federal government.

I wish there was some way to retaliate short of secession, but since most employers are private companies or individuals, and fear being shut down by the IRS or some other government agency, it’s not like it could happen like this (although it would be nice if it could): passes some blatantly unconstitutional law.

State refuses to enforce it. freezes federal funds.

State redirects all federal tax revenues collected within the state to the state treasury, bypassing the feds and their cut, and continues to refuse to enforce the new law.

All Washington has to do to force compliance is find a way to take away the money.  Secession gets my vote.  Fuck DC!

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1 Response to Retaliation

  1. Larry says:

    Yeah, you left out “Taxpayers whos funds the state has confiscated get put in a federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison for failing to pay their (voluntary!) taxes.”

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