I was bitching a couple days ago about the cold in reference to my new house.  Yesterday, it seems that I have developed an affliction by the same name.  Hell, the two might even be connected.  All I know is that I feel like shit.

I’m chilled to the bone.  I’ve bumped the thermostat three degrees, and am wearing thermal underwear, and I’m still cold.  Runny nose.  Congestion.  Frequent bouts of sneezing.  Have I mentioned that I generally feel like shit?  Because I do.

I still managed to mark off a couple items from my to-do list today, though.  I’ve been promising Roomie for months to do the brakes on her car.  I took care of that today.  No major problems along the way.  I needed a BFH, but mine is at the house, so I had to settle for penetrating oil, a breaker bar and a whole slew of swear words.  Also, I couldn’t get the pad wear sensors to snap into the new pads.  I compared both the pads (old and new) and sensors (old and new) and they appear identical.  I tried the method demonstrated in a video that I found.  No luck.  So, I tied the fucking things out of the way.  She’ll have to visibly inspect the pads to know when to replace them again.  Like most people who do not own German-made semi-luxury automobiles.  I even changed the oil for her, too.  Then, I swept the garage, started and ran the mower until it was out of fuel so it wouldn’t gum up between now and this coming Spring.

After that, I made a run to BigBoxRetailer for some junk food.  Ain’t done shit else, and ain’t going to.  Same goes for tomorrow.  LadyFriend gets a break from me this weekend, since I don’t want to infect her or her spawn.  Maybe the break from me will make me frustrate her less the next time we do see each other.  I do miss the pussy, though.

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2 Responses to Cold

  1. Jin Chiang says:

    Use a respirator to keep the nasty mold spores away from your moist warm lungs!

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