A New Job And A New Lady

Well, this past Thursday, FaucetCompany finally got everything they needed to officially give me a start date – November 12th.  I put in notice at the chemical company, who counter-offered with a pay raise (but still temp status), which I declined.

You’ve already been introduced to LadyFriend.  Last night, she officially broke it off with my only competition – a dickhead (her words, not mine) with whom she’s had an on again/off again thing for over a year.  He has no interest in a forever sort of relationship, and has intentionally excluded her from certain parts of his life.   She and I aren’t exactly talking marriage, but we have both expressed interest in something with a real future.  This morning, we agreed to see each other exclusively.  I’m meeting Daughter this afternoon, for whom I have a red carnation.  She was impressed by Mommy’s rose from our first date, so I’ll see what she thinks about her very own flower.

EDIT to add:  Daughter loved it.  And she likes me more than OtherGuy.  He never got her flowers, even for her birthday.  Go me!

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12 Responses to A New Job And A New Lady

  1. Wraith says:

    Good luck, bro! Looks like things are turning around.
    Hope it doesn’t make you less grumpy, though–otherwise, your blog wouldn’t be half as entertaining. 😉

  2. GarandGal says:

    I agree with Erin, expend the grumpy here. The flower idea is sweet, but if you’re not careful she’ll make it a thing and you’ll be expected to give her a carnation on every occasion and event. Not that that’s a bad thing. My dad stuck a white and a pink carnation for my sister and I into every flower or bouquet that he gave my mom.

    • alaskan454 says:

      I plan to be unpredictable with the flowers, both for LF and Daughter. Past experiences have taught me that often repeated actions soon become “expected” and are not appreciated nearly as much. I want to do things so both of them to know that I care about them, but not so frequently that I’m accused of being upset (or worse) if I miss one interval.

      For the record, Daughter loved it. And me. 😀

      • hilljohnny says:

        unexpected, random gifts from the begining is good. it prevents the ” what has he done wrong” reaction later. 😉

      • alaskan454 says:

        I never thought about that angle. Good thing to remember. Thanks, Johnny!

      • GarandGal says:

        Yay! I would suggest that you do hit the big four (valentines day, birthdays, anniversaries, and in later years mom’s day even though she’s not your mom/you don’t have kids) but i agree that randomizing the flowers is a good idea.

      • alaskan454 says:

        I plan to hit all the biggies, including Mothers Day even the first time around. She is a mother, although I had nothing to do with it. Outside of those, I hope to keep her guessing.

  3. lpcard says:

    Rock n’ roll!

    Off topic, but Daughter was asking when I was going shooting again. I think she wants another session.

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