Second Date AAR

Hello, boys and girls of the intertubes!  How are y’all doing today?  Sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice story.

Waitaminute.  Wrong intro.

Check this shit out!

Day one started out at a few minutes before 1000.  Despite her plans to meet me outside, so her dog wouldn’t jump on me. she wasn’t quite ready when I arrived at her home.  After a couple minutes of fending off the mutt, we were out the door and on our way.  Amazingly enough, she had agreed to attend a Triangle Open Carry event where she would meet my best friend, and have the opportunity to observe me interact with “my people”. However, lunch wasn’t scheduled to start until 1200, and the location was only about twenty minutes from LadyFriend’s domicile.

She took me the back way to the restaurant, stopping along the way at a Goodwill store where she bought some books for Daughter, and Walmart where she picked up some costume ingredients for Daughter’s vampire costume.

This was my first meetup with TOC, but Larry is a regular.  LF and I arrived around 1145, and decided to wait in the parking lot for Larry to arrive.  He and Youngest Son pulled into the parking lot a couple minutes later, and after introductions, we headed inside.

I have to tell you a little about the restaurant.  It is McCall’s BBQ and Seafood in Clayton, NC.  (I know, I’m outing my location, but everybody already knows anyway, from piecing together previous clues.)  This joint is the shit.  The facility is spacious, nice, and well maintained.  Staff is attentive, and very welcoming of us Open Carry folks.  The best part, though, is the food.  It is a buffet BBQ place.  I had two heaping plates of very, very good pork BBQ (I would have had a third, but two made me look enough like a glutton), before topping things off with a chocolate brownie and warm banana pudding.  I’d only ever eaten cold banana pudding before, but their warm version was absolutely mouthwatering.

Anyway, LF is a little shy, and didn’t say a lot during the meal.  She seemed comfortable enough, and let me ramble on about gun this and gun that with my new friends without complaint.  Around 1345, I decided that I’d subjected her to enough gun oil and testosterone (there were two other females in attendance, but they were teenagers, and sat at the other end of the table), and we said our goodbyes and went to the parking lot.

After a few moments of discussion, we decided to head to one of her favorite entertainment destinations – a nearby bargain theater.  In the parking lot, she asked if I was going to carry inside.  She was concerned as to legality, and public sentiment following the recent Aurora incident.  She said that she understands that it’s not the legal carriers who will cause problems, but simply wanted to know my intentions.  I decided to carry, using my jacket as a cover garment.  She was fine with that.

Of course, the door was posted with the usual victim zone notice.  Based on the lack of a metal detector or armed security, I determined that they weren’t serious, and walked right in with Cassie on my hip and the Kel-Tec backup in my weak side front pocket.  The movie we chose was Ted.  It turned out that my cover garment wasn’t a very good choice, because it did get rather warm during the movie.  There may or may not have been swapping of spit and some touching of each others’ naughty bits during the movie.  Good movie, by the way.  Not great, but good.

After the movie, we went back to the car to discuss whether or not we were going to the birthday festivities planned for Larry’s Middle Daughter.  LF was tired, but didn’t want to disappoint me.  Sweet girl.  Anyway, although willing to make the forty-five minute drive, she admitted a preference for returning home.  I respected her decision, and we decided to chat for a few minutes in the car before starting the return trip.

Well, that “few minutes” turned into two hours.  We talked about everything, and I mean everything.  She now knows about all four of my wives (up to that point, I’d only told her a carefully worded story that included wives two and three) and my former Klan affiliation.  I found out that she and her ex are not divorced, just legally separated.  She did not react negatively to anything that she learned about me.  She did ask that I kindly refrain from intentionally keeping things from her in the future, but showed no indications of being upset, either with the information provided or the fact that I had intentionally omitted information initially.  I agreed.

Eventually, I took her back home, wished her a good night, and made the hour trek to my place.  When I got home, Roomie wanted to hear the play-by-play.  I tossed her a few morsels, and went to bed.

Day two (technically our third date, I guess) began at Cracker Barrel this morning.  I got my usual Country Boy Breakfast.  For those of you who don’t know, that consists of a generous slice of country ham, (pork chops or steak also available) three eggs cooked over medium served with fried apples, hashbrown casserole, grits, sawmill gravy and homemade buttermilk biscuits.  It’s my favorite, and I don’t give a shit that she knows what I like to eat, and how much of it I’ll eat when I have the opportunity.  Translation: She deserves to know she’s dating a pig.

Then we drove to Duke Gardens, where we spent the remainder of the day.  I may or may not have carried concealed in violation of North Carolina law while on educational property.

The day was over too soon, but we both had a great time and hope for a repeat performance as soon as possible.  Based on our schedules, that will probably be weekend after next.

I’m still having trouble accepting the fact that she really likes me, really wants me, and is willing to sacrifice to have me in her life.  A big part of me wants to put a label on what we have together, but overall, I’m just enjoying what is becoming one hell of a fun ride.

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4 Responses to Second Date AAR

  1. So happy for you that things are going well! ♥

  2. lpcard says:

    Late commenting here, but it was nice meeting your lady friend. I wish you the best with her, I think you’re about due a break or two…

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