Hitachi Warranty Service

A little over a year ago, I bought two Hitachi DeathStar 2TB hard drives.  A couple months ago, I started getting SMART warnings that drive failure was imminent.  I cussed, backed the data up onto the second drive and an external 1TB drive (a very slow process given the amount of data and the transfer rate of the failing drive), and said very unpleasant things about Hitachi products.  Then, I decided to check and see if, by some miracle, the drive was still under warranty.  It was.

I went online and requested a RMA.  It came back approved the next day, along with very specific packing and shipping instructions.  Since I didn’t keep the original packaging, I had to wrap the bagged drive in 2″ thick foam to protect it during transit.  No other method was acceptable.  Since I didn’t have any foam laying around. I had to buy some from BigBoxRetailer.  I also had to pay for return shipping.

It cost me about fifteen FRNs for packaging material and Parcel Post shipping with delivery confirmation.  USPS got the old drive to its destination in the Peoples Republik of Kalifornistan in five days, and two days later, Hitachi e-mailed me notification that a replacement drive was being shipped out.  Seven business days later, my drive had been delivered, installed, and my porn collection was back where it belonged.

Two thumbs up for excellent customer/warranty service.

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7 Responses to Hitachi Warranty Service

  1. I have nothing interesting or constructive to say about this but that next to last sentence made me laugh. I still have the mind of a fifteen year old when it comes to some things, I guess. :p Glad all your… data… is safe. 😉

  2. Garand Gal says:

    “Yeah, well, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. ”
    Either that or it’s just sticky. When the keyboard adheres to the desk it’s a sign…

  3. hilljohnny says:

    i hope you reformatted the drive before shipping it.

    • alaskan454 says:

      It was encrypted, and everything sensitive was further encrypted in a TrueCrypt container. Unless they dug, they would see it as unformatted and/or unpartitioned. I imagine they verified the SMART warning, approved the RMA and threw it in the trash. Good advice, though.

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