Today wasn’t a lot of fun.  Last night, I woke up less than an hour before Roomie got home from work.  When she got home, she was hungry, and I asked her if she wanted to grill out.  She said sure, so I got my burgers out of the fridge, and her Morningstar faux burgers out of the freezer.  The grill is an ancient CharBroil unit, but it works well most of the time.  This time it decided to not heat up properly.  It does this every so often.  I think that either something is wrong with the regulator, or there is a chunk of debris somewhere.  Normally, I can beat the shit out of the regulator, and the flame comes up to where it’s supposed to be.  Not this time.  As a result, my burgers were dry before they ever made it to medium-well.  The veggie burgers turned out just fine, though.

She went upstairs to do whatever she does before she retires for the night, and I went in search of the end of the internet – being absolutely unmotivated, knowing that as soon as it got light and the dew dried, I would be spending a couple hours pushing a lawn mower.  I heard her moving around after 5AM, and she has to leave by 11AM to get to work on time.  She’s going to be a real pleasure to deal with in the morning.  Glad I’ll be outside mowing when she leaves.

Despite my intentions to do otherwise, I gave in to my craving for junk food, and headed to the store a little after 7AM.  While there, I bought a couple money orders.  The joint account that Roomie and I still have (primarily hers, but my name is on it) is attached to a frequent flier mileage program where whichever one of us uses our card for a debit card purchase gets one mile per $2 spent.  The bank notified us a couple months ago that they will be terminating the program at the end of next month.  So, we’ve been cheating to build as many miles as possible before the deadline.  Not really cheating, but I’m sure it violates the hell out of the spirit of the program.  We buy money orders with our debit cards, then redeposit these money orders back into the checking account.  This way, we get miles based on the entire transaction amount, but it only costs us the money order fees, and we can do it a couple times a week.

We usually take turns emptying and refilling the account, so both of us can build up our mileage accounts.  Roomie has been busy adjusting to her new job and work schedule, so she hadn’t done any this week.  I figured I’d take advantage of this fact, since there is no way in hell she’d be planning to do it today, what with the maximum of five hours of sleep that she was going to get before her 12-hour shift.

Guess what?  I was wrong!  The crazy bitch had decided to cut those five hours down to four so she would have time to do the buy the money orders and redeposit them thing on her way to work.  When she got up, and I gave her the receipts (it’s her account, she keeps the books, I just use it to build miles and then reimburse her for the money order fees), she shit a fucking brick.  She wasn’t mad that I had made the transaction, or really mad at me in general, just mad that she had dragged her ass out of bed early for nothing.  I bit my tongue instead of telling her that she was batshit insane to cut her sleep that deeply just to get a few extra miles, on her first fucking week at the new job.  Instead, I apologized, cut my card in half, and told her that I was done.  It’s not like I ever fly anywhere anyway.  It still made me feel bad.  I have problems sleeping when I don’t take my Sweet Slumber, and I’m very familiar with the hell that a long day on not nearly enough sleep is.

After I came back inside from mowing, I found an e-mail from Mom telling me that ex #1’s little brother committed suicide yesterday.  (She keeps in touch with my brother and mother.  She likes them better than she ever liked me – I haven’t had any contact with her in over fifteen years, although the last contact was friendly.)  I hadn’t been in touch with him in years, but we were good friends when she and I were together, and even kept in contact for a while after that relationship bit the dust.

On a more positive note, I have what may turn into a decent lead on a semi-technical job at a nearby dairy.  It’s a temp-to-hire thing, and is less than Roomie is making (as a temp anyway, not sure what it will pay if/when I am brought on permanent), but will be quite a bump from BigBoxRetailer wages, and is full-time.  I just hope my former employer doesn’t fuck me on the reference.  They aren’t supposed to give out any information other than dates of employment, job title, salary, and eligibility for rehire, but those fucking morons are likely to tell way more than that.  If they tell their side of the story (which the State didn’t buy, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to collect unemployment) it’s unlikely that I’ll get the job, even if the hiring manager likes me.  I should find out if they want to interview me by the middle of next week.

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4 Responses to Whatever

  1. Larry says:

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  2. lpcard says:

    Hey, here’s something to brighten your day. You are now the proud owner of a never really used Lee priming tool!
    Yeah, I already spent my quarterly bonus. It went quickly and relatively painlessly, it never knew what hit it. I like to think it’s in a better place now.

    • alaskan454 says:

      I was just reading about that a few minutes ago. Thanks!

      I imagine you’ll want to take the rest of your toys home after the next range trip.

      I recommend plated bullets for the 45, since they are the most economical route. rmrbullets.com or Rainers from some place like MidwayUSA would be my top recommendations – I’ve used both.

      There are a myriad of propellant options out there (unfortunately the H380 is not suitable for pistol use), just keep the load as light as possible without creating FTF issues, out of respect for the Glock barrel issues we’ve discussed at length.

      Considering all the brass that I’ve salvaged from ammo you’ve shot, I think it only fair that I donate 200 rounds of previously fired brass towards your endeavor. Think of it as a fair trade for the primer tool, if you will.

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