All Things In Moderation

Yesterday morning after work, I checked on the garden and fed/watered the rabbits, like I always do.  There were few tomatoes to pick, even though it’s been almost a week since my last harvest.  There are no blooms and little fruit on any of them, and the vines appear to be dying.  This is normal for determinite varieties, if my research is correct.  I’ll probably pull up the vines and feed them to the lawn mower tomorrow after work.  The zucchini is dead, too, so that’s another bed that needs to be cleared.

The cucumbers are still producing, and I picked a particularly nice looking one along with six tomatoes.  After I came back inside, I remembered that I had several cukes in the crisper tray already.  A cursory examination made it obvious that the older ones weren’t going to last much longer, so I peeled and sliced five of them.  After sprinkling some crushed red pepper on top of them and drowning them in ranch dressing, I thoroughly enjoyed consuming them.

Not so much with the enjoyment later, though, when the cucumber express kept interrupting my sleep.  Hence the title of the post.

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4 Responses to All Things In Moderation

  1. Garand Gal says:

    I’m glad to hear that your garden is still producing for you. Sounds like it wasn’t the total bust you were afraid it was going to be. I’ve been peeling and slicing non-pickling cukes into leftover pickle brine with some onions, garlic and maybe some herbs added in if I feel like it. The people here have been scarfing them like mad, but I think they’re better if you give the brine a week or so to work.

    You could probably add in some hot peppers or pepper flakes, bell peppers, carrots, green tomatoes, heck whatever you wanted that you’d like with the taste of that particular brine. I finally wised up and started cutting them into some bread and butter pickle brine. Since I’m the only one who likes that I finally get to eat my own work LOL.

    I’ve heard that the brine is supposed to be boiled before reusing it. I don’t always, depends on how much brine there is and if I think the pickles will be around long enough to worry about it. I’ve been known to add more vinegar when I don’t boil it. I also don’t reuse the brine more than once.
    Anyway, just some thoughts on how to use your cucumbers in moderation.

  2. Garand Gal says:

    Just so we’re clear, I do not can with reused brine, I just let the cucumbers soak in it. I use fresh brine if I’m going to can them. I’ve reused the brine store bought pickles come in, I’ve reused home made pickle brine, and this year I got a deal on the envelopes of mix that walmart sells so we’ve been mixing up (and reusing) that when we have a jar of cucumbers to brine. Usually the kids scarf them up, but I’ve had them last a month or so with no problems.
    You can can slicing cucumbers, but I find that they tend to turn mushy and develop holes where the seeds are so we usually just cut them up and put them in the brine and let them sit in the fridge. If I’m going to can them I remove the seeds and can them as spears, but still they could be the before picture on a viagra poster.

    • alaskan454 says:

      I figured out that you weren’t talking about canning. I was just curious if the cukes would last significantly longer soaking in brine rather than whole in the crisper tray. From your reply, it appears that they will.

      LOL re the viagra poster. Thanks, I needed that.

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