I canned my first batch of jalapeño tomatoes for the year last night.  Only five quarts, but this morning I harvested enough for five to ten more, just as soon as the tomatoes finish ripening.  I pulled them a little early because they will split if left to fully ripen on the vine.  I miss my Early Girls from last year.

I finally got around to installing a work-around for the battery issue with my truck.  According to the nice folks at Advance Auto Parts, something is pulling a little over 1/2 an amp while everything is off.  Obviously, this drains the the batteries quickly.  Instead of spending an obscene amount of time troubleshooting, I decided to go with a battery disconnect.  I’m lazy, remember?  Since I didn’t want to have to open the hood every time, I built my own.  I picked up a Ford firewall mounted starter solenoid, an extra battery cable, and a toggle switch, and wired it all up.  Now, until I flip the toggle switch under the dash, no current flows from either battery.

Roomie had a phone interview this morning with the last company I worked with that could be considered a real job.  They liked her enough to schedule an official interview, which will probably be some time next week.  If she gets the job, she’ll start at twice my current pay rate, full time, with benefits.  Wish her luck.

I’ve had some interesting activity on match.com this week.  No, this isn’t my weekly report.  That will come out on Sunday, as always.  A lady from a small town about an hour away selected me as a favorite.  She wasn’t a paid member, but did have a commercial address encoded in her profile.  She claimed to be twenty-nine, and is gorgeous.  Color me skeptical.  I figured, what the hell, and e-mailed her, inviting her to breakfast some time in the near future.  She wrote back, asking my intentions.  Something about about most men asking for naked pictures, or just looking to hook up.  Her name was Natalya, and the English was good but far from perfect.

I wrote back, assuring her that I was indeed looking for a serious relationship, and commented on her name, asking if she was Russian or from some other eastern European country.  I renewed my invitation for coffee/tea or breakfast.  The next day she wrote back.  She claimed to be happy to hear that I’m serious, and shared a bit of personal history.  She also told me that she lives in a town somewhere not far from St. Petersburg, Russia. She also sent some photographs.

I went back to look at her profile.  It had been deleted.  I’m certain it’s a scam at this point.  I mean, how many of you think that a woman who looks like this:

would find anything appealing about a guy who looks like this:

Anybody?  Nah, I didn’t think so either.  If I had money, maybe, but I don’t, and I did list my salary range on my match.com profile.  If she was paying attention, she saw that.  If she really is a scammer, she was paying attention.

I figure I’ll play along.  I know it’s a scam, but as long as she’s trying to play me, she’s leaving some other poor bastard who doesn’t know she’s a fraud alone.  I decided to see how much she wanted to push it.  I asked about her deleted profile.  I then told her that honesty is most important to me in a relationship, and since first contact was based on a lie, she should probably look elsewhere.  I told her that even if I was interested in a long distance relationship, which I’m not, I couldn’t afford to fly to Russia to see her or sponsor her to come here.  I figured it was over at that point.

Yesterday, she wrote back.  She claimed that she deleted the profile after she met me, because she wanted to concentrate on getting to know me.  She also said that she couldn’t put her real hometown on match.com, so she picked a town because she thought it had an interesting name.  Cameron, North Carolina?  Interesting?  Really?  She also said that she wasn’t asking me to fly there or to pay for her to fly here.  She even seemed slightly offended that I mentioned it.

I didn’t get that e-mail until this morning.  With it was another e-mail that she sent this morning, asking if I am OK, and expressing hope that I still want to talk to her.

I did a search for her e-mail address, and it came back to a Russian dating blacklist, with her name and city pre-filled (I only entered her e-mail address).  However, it said that there were no scam reports matching her information.  I take that to mean that she’s played with someone else in the past, and they did the same search that I did, but never reported her as a fraud.

I don’t know what to think about her.  Assuming the girl in the pictures is really who is sending the e-mails, of course.  She’s persistent, even after I made it clear that I have no significant financial resources.  There is no way she could really be interested in me, and there’s no way in hell Immigration would grant me a waiver (required for a third fiancée visa) even if I were fool enough to fall for her shtick.

Maybe she really is lonely and reaching out for attention.  Maybe fate caused her to find me on match and pick me as a favorite, and then nudged me to e-mail her. Maybe we have a chance.  Stranger things have happened.

Nope.  Not a fucking chance.  I wrote her back, asking how she imagined we could ever be together, if she’s not asking me to fly to Russia or pay to fly her here.  We’ll see what she says.  I’m going to run her off, but I’m going to have some fun in the mean time.

OK, I’m past my bedtime.  Y’all have a good day.

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2 Responses to Randomness

  1. Jin Chiang says:

    You’d probably want to try something different after roomie & wifey, right? But I’m getting the same vibe too. Like her cousin’s sister’s brother is in the hospital and needs…

    Actually, I wouldn’t have bat an eye if you introduced her as your girlfriend. In fact, you appear normal. I’m shocked as, in contrast, your blog persona can make paint peel off the wall especially during the awesome epic rants.

    • alaskan454 says:

      I’ll play along and give her enough rope to hang herself. Eventually, even the best let the mask slip.

      Thank you for the kind words, but I don’t look normal. Especially in that picture. It was taken this past winter during my facial hair attempt/rebellion, after work, by the webcam/security camera. Hell, I doubt if many of my own family would recognize it as me.

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