Dating Report Week Seventeen

This past week was weird.  I had a new plan that I wanted to try, but a wrench got thrown into the works before I had the opportunity to initiate it.

One of the ladies that I contacted the previous week replied on Monday with:

You are younger than I was looking for but I did make it through your profile and thought “why not?” Main reason for looking for older is because I don’t want to end up parenting more kids (although enjoying grands is fine). My big question is where is [YourHometown] in relationship to [MyHometown]?

At 55, she was the oldest lady I ever contacted, but she seemed reasonably compatible otherwise.  “Why not?” wasn’t exactly the level of enthusiasm that I had hoped for, but she was only the second lady out of over a hundred that expressed any interest at all.  I wrote back, explaining that she and I are a little under an hour travel time apart, but that I have no problem coming to her more often than not.  (She happens to live in the same town as Larry.)  She read the e-mail the same day I sent it (Monday), but never wrote back.  I thought maybe she was just busy during the week, but nothing yesterday either.

I held off on any contact with other women, waiting for this one to write back.  Since she didn’t, I’ll be putting my new idea into practice this week.

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2 Responses to Dating Report Week Seventeen

  1. Larry says:

    Shame. You might have had a reason to drop in. 😀

    • alaskan454 says:

      That’s one of the reasons why I e-mailed her in the first place. She was “meh” overall, and 55 is too old for me, so I was going to eliminate her until I saw her location.

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