Dating Report Week Nine

Based on my stunning success last week, I continued the same approach this week.  With nearly identical results.

I e-mailed fifteen ladies early Monday morning.  Two read my e-mails.  Neither had responded thirty -six hours later, so I wrote thirteen more.  Three of those read my e-mails, but none replied.

I have no idea what’s going on.  In weeks past, around eight out of ten would be read, just ignored.  This week, I wrote twenty-five and only five were read.  WTF?!?

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10 Responses to Dating Report Week Nine

  1. Garand Gal says:

    I think it’s the weather, it’s been so nice and hasn’t hit Hellishly hot yet so they’re out enjoying it.

    • alaskan454 says:

      But they’re not even reading the e-mails. I think the closest ladies are mostly free members, unable to read or respond to e-mail. I remember noticing several that hadn’t been active in over three weeks (the longest time match will give). Nobody who is paying for a subscription, even if they paid for multiple months in advance like I did, will go weeks between log-ins.

  2. Jin Chiang says:

    Probably because of spring break and the sheer volume is now overwhelming the girls more so than before. Read the “How I do online dating” post at The author waited for fresh meat to get over the slump.

    I think an unintended consequence of the male avalanche is the devastating part about more than half of the girls would flake after you arrange a date. Say WHAT? I’d be pretty urinated if I drove 50 miles and back for nothing.

    • alaskan454 says:

      That sound like just my luck. After I send my 1,000th e-mail, I’ll finally get one who says yes. Just to get stood up.

      A RealDoll and/or semi-annual visits to Nevada are looking like better options every day.

  3. Jin Chiang says:

    Girls get anywhere from 50 to 90 messages per day due to the 20% female to 80% male ratio. You would probably not read the e-mails either if you suddenly got over 600 messages per week because school is out. I suspect AKGRRRL’s gender played a role in her success and why you have to fight tooth and nail to even get a response.

    “More than 90% of the girls won’t respond” pretty much confirms the “10% response rate if you’re good” metric. You’re an online dating god with a 18% response rate! You just have to pace yourself to avoid dating fatigue.

    Considering Nevada? Like the aquatic pharmaceutical, the following information is presented for entertainment purposes only. Check out Definitely not safe for work. I’d remember the link because an Oregon journalist was caught in flagrante delicto with a companion from there.

    • alaskan454 says:

      I can easily believe those numbers on free sites like PoF, but are they really that high on pay sites as well? I have trouble believing that they are, but I also have trouble believing my eyes a lot of the time. Any time something is free, demand skyrockets. When one is required to shell out a minimum of $28 of their own cold, hard cash, the numbers almost have to diminish drastically.

      I don’t personally know any females who are paying members of or any of the other pay sites, so I have no way to confirm or refute this, of course.

      If my current results are the best I can hope for, with no indication as to when one of the extremely rare responses may actually agree to meet me, then it’s not worth it.

      Especially considering the 50% chance that she will stand me up even after agreeing to meet me (according to one of the links you sent). To say nothing of the possibility that we will hit it off well enough to make it to a second date. Forget the odds of her being “the one”. I won’t live that long, even if I spend every free minute composing e-mails.

      Thanks for the link. I was thinking one of the legitimate brothels if I go that route, though. The last thing I need is an encounter with LE. If I was willing to take that risk, I imagine I could find someone local and could save (or otherwise invest) the travel costs.

  4. lpcard says:

    I’ve been thinking of signing up for one of these sites. hows this for a profile>

    Name: Larry
    Hobbies: Mustangs, guns and internet porn. I mean, long walks on the beach.

    Whaddaya think? Sure winner, right?

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