Dating Report Week Eight

I tried a slightly different strategy this week.  I didn’t spend hours weeding through hundreds of profiles, trying to find the most compatible ones.  Instead, I searched for non-smoking Caucasian females, plus or minus seven years of my age, residing within fifty miles of my town.  I further filtered the search to exclude any who wanted kids or identified themselves as politically liberal.  I sorted these results by distance, and started writing.  The only remaining ones that I manually eliminated were obvious mis-matches – for example, a lady who wanted a man at least eight years older than me, who is at least six feet tall, who makes at least $75K per year, and has a Bachelors degree or higher.

I sent individually crafted e-mails to the first twelve on the list.  Actually, thirteen, but one was the same lady, just with a different screen name.  Of the twelve, only four read my e-mails.  One responded.  She’s not interested because I’m separated instead of officially divorced.

Maybe I’ll send two dozen next week.  Or maybe I’ll just put a deposit on a Real Doll.

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2 Responses to Dating Report Week Eight

  1. Jin Chiang says:

    Slightly above 8% Pretty darn close to the “if you’re good” 10% response rate. Like a boss!

    Consider maximizing yield by relaxing your criteria. What happens if you clicked with a young girl? Are you really going to reject her if she is legal? I know of an older big guy with a mug only a mother could love. Yet he has a sweet nubile thing draped on his arm. What if she is Asian and there is definitely chemistry between you? Kick her to the curb because she’s not Caucasian? Or what if she is hot? Sorry, you’re too sexy for me?

    *Stares suspiciously at RealDoll* Two words. Uncanny valley. Never settle for anything less! You deserve to be happy. Love is where you find it regardless of age, ethnicity, or looks.

    • alaskan454 says:

      My running average since I started is 18%, so based on that, I’m kicking ass. They all said no, though, so I’m not going to hurt my arm patting myself on the back.

      My father was twenty-two years older than my mother. It was all good at first, but it didn’t take long for him to get paranoid that he was going to lose her to a younger man. He needn’t have worried, but he did. I have a lot of my father in me, and although I like to think that I have the jealousy monster under control, I’m not sure how I would be in a similar situation. And he died when Mom was only 48. Do I really want to do that to someone?

      It’s worth considering, though. I may as well be ignored or rejected by a barely legal supermodel as a post-menopausal great grandmother well past her “sell by” date. I mean, if supermodel loses her mind and says yes, I do have more to gain.

      Simply put, I prefer white women. There are beautiful women of every flavor out there, and I’ve been attracted to Asian women, a few Hispanic women, but never to a black woman. Probably deep-seated prejudices, but most I’ve met have an attitude and demeanor that I just can’t tolerate. I may open the search up to include Asian, and go younger, too.

      The way I see it, though, the pool is plenty deep now (at 1500+ that I haven’t contacted) within fifty miles. I just have to find a few who will give me a chance.

      As for the RealDoll, those things were expensive at $5K, but they’ve gone up. They’re $6K now, which is way too much for a crafted chunk of silicone. If uncanny valley were ever to become commercially available within my lifetime, I’d certainly never be able to afford the technology.

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