… air conditioning systems are total and complete SHIT.  If you need a new unit, buy anything else.

You may recall that this time last year, I threw a fit about the HVAC contractor who installed my unit during construction in 2009.  For those of you who don’t want to click on the links, I will summarize.  Last year, less than a month after the warranty expired, my A/C quit working.  The vultures came out and charged me nearly three hundred dollars to tighten a line that “vibrated loose” and recharge the system with freon.  In the end, the builder paid for it, so I got my money back.

Today the temps hit the upper 80’s, and being the wimp that I am, I switched the system over to “cool”.  I was rewarded with the noise of the outside unit running, and room temperature air circulating throughout the house.

I figured that the same line had magically vibrated loose again, so I tried to find another local HVAC company who could perhaps come and actually fix the fucking thing this time.  Three calls later, and nobody was answering the phones.  As much as I didn’t want to, I called the installing vendor.  Not only did they answer, but they were able to come look at it today.

All the freon (six pounds) was gone.  They leak checked it, and found that the condenser coil is leaking.  The part is covered by warranty, but the labor and materials aren’t.

Today cost $90 for the service call, $149 for the leak check, and $227 for the freon.  Labor to replace the coil will be another $850.  They have ordered it, and a tentative installation appointment  has been made for this coming Tuesday.

Total damages (not including last year’s repairs) for a unit that isn’t even three years old yet:  $1,316.  And I’ll probably have another equally expensive problem with it next year this time.  Fucking piece of shit.  I would have had them rip it out and replace it with a Trane or Carrier, but that would be $7K+, and I’m not convinced that they are that much better.  Plus, I’m not completely sure how I’m going to come up with the $1300, so seven grand is obviously out of the question.

At least I got a little over seven hundred rounds of 45 ACP ammo loaded while the tech did his thing.

It’s now been twenty hours since I climbed out of bed, so I’m off to the shower and to bed.  Thank God I don’t have to work tonight.

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4 Responses to Lennox

  1. Jin Chiang says:

    Time for roomie to experience a drastic increase in rent!

    Not sure if the weekly practice of running the air conditioner on your vehicle for 10 minutes to lubricate the seals is applicable. How about shiny silver when you repaint the house?

    • alaskan454 says:

      Unfortunately for that idea, Roomie owns a significant (albeit minority share) interest in the company that owns the house, so I’m stuck with her and the inability to collect any rent for as long as she wants to stay, or until I can afford to buy her out – which will be never. She does share equally in major expenses, so there is that.

      I’ve since learned that a lot of my neighbors are having issues with leaky coils also. These systems were made back when the price of copper went through the roof, so I’m thinking that Lennox tried some cost-cutting methods that didn’t work so well, and are now coming back to bite them (because they have a five year parts warranty) and us (because we have to pay labor). Damn shame I’d have to pay a lawyer more than I’d ever get back to prove it.

      Can’t paint the house. Against HOA rules. :-||

  2. Jack Droid says:

    You are spot on. Lennox makes the cheapest piece of crap available. Complete dogshit. I’m hot and I’m pissed off.

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